Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons
Learn to swim, or become a BETTER swimmer!
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Learn to swim!

Small classes mean great results for our clients.

Swimming lessons at Worcester Fitness are unique...just like everything else about the club!

Our Swim Instructors are highly acclaimed professionals with a passion for introducing children to the water for the very first time, as well as coaching athletes to improve their style and technique. With class schedules in the daytime, evenings and weekends, our team is ready to get you or your children comfortable in the pool at your convenience.

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baby swim lessons

Parent & Child A

Parent and child class where children learn basic water adjustment through play and song.

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worcester fitness swimming lessons

Parent & Child B

(18mth-4yr of age)
Parent and child class where children learn beginner swimming skills and water safety skills.

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level 1

Level 1A

(Beg. Age 3)
Beginner course begins to teach children how to blow bubble, float & kick their legs on their front & back.

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level 1

Level 1B

(Beg. Age 4)
Child  learns to be  comfortable in  water on their own, float on their front & back & glide by themselves.

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swim lessons worcester ma

Level 2

Face fully submerged, front/back
floating, combination strokes and flutter kicking front/back.

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Level 3

Stroke Readiness, retrieve objects, tread water, front and back crawl with arms,
butterfly kick and learns water safety.

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worcester fitness swim lessons

Level 4

Child learns stroke development with rotary breathing, front and back crawl, flip turns, breaststroke
and sidestroke.

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worcester swimming lessons

Level 5

Dive from side, 50 yard front crawl with flip turn, 25 yard back crawl with flip turn, 25 yard sidestroke, more.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be scheduled throughout the week.

Private Swimming Instruction Rates