Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons
Learn to swim, or become a BETTER swimmer!
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Learn to swim!

Small classes, BIG results.
Swimming lessons at Worcester Fitness are unique...just like everything else about the club!
Our Swim Instructors are highly acclaimed professionals with a passion for introducing children to the water for the very first time, as well as coaching athletes to improve their style and technique.
With class schedules in the daytime, evenings and weekends, our team is ready to get you or your children comfortable in the pool at your convenience.

2018 Swim Schedule

Spring I • March 18th – May 12th
8-week session $165
(Currently in Session)
Spring II • May 20th – June 30th
6-week session $125
(Registration opens April 30th)
Summer • July 15th – August 25th
6-week session $125
(Registration opens June 25th)
Fall I • September 9th – November 3rd
8-week session $165
(Registration opens Aug 20th)
Fall II • November 11th – December 15th
5 week session $105
(Registration opens Oct 22nd)

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Description of Classes

Parent & Child A

(4mth-24mth) Parent and child class where children learn basic water adjustment through play and song.


Parent & Child B
(18mth-4yrs of age) Parent and child class where children learn basic beginner swimming skills and water safety skills.


Parent & Child C
(2.5 yrs-5yrs of age) This is an advanced parent and child class for those who have taken at least 2 sessions in our parent and child class or prior approval by the swim director. Students must feel comfortable going underwater and able to jump in from the side of the pool.


Level 1A

(Beg. Age 3) Starting at 3 years of age. This is for a child who is mature enough to enter the water alone and follow important safety instructions. Level 1A is for a child who has never taken a swim class before and does not like to put their face in the water. This is a beginner course where your child will learn to float, blow bubbles and kick their legs on front and back.


Level 1B

(Beg. Age 4) Starting at 4 years old. This if for a child who is mature enough to enter the water alone and follow directions. Level 1B is for a child who feels comfortable in the water, can put their face under water but needs to start learning how to swim. They will learn to float on the their front and back. The will learn how to glide by themselves, and feel comfortable being in the water.


Level 2

Ages 4 and older. In this level your child will learn how to swim under water, start learning the front and back crawl, and jump into the water without help. Most children will take multiple lessons at this session.


Level 3

Ages 4 and older. To be in level 3 your child must be able to swim from one end of the pool to the other without stopping and without a floatation device. This will be tested in the first class. Your child will improve their front and back crawl, learn the breast stroke, retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool, and tread water.


Level 4

In this level your child will perfect rotary breathing, treading water, front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke. They will learn the butterfly, flip turns, and the side stroke.


Level 5

In this level your child will learn to swim the front crawl for 50 yards with a flip turn, back crawl for 25 yards with a flip turn, breast stroke for 25 yards, and elementary backstroke for 50 yards.


Private Swimming Lessons

Personal Training for swimmers. Get individual training to improve competitive performance, fitness efficiency and overall enjoyment.