As a Worcester Fitness Member, you’ll be getting in shape with the fitness industry’s most qualified personal trainers, and group exercise instructors, all dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life.

Your fitness experience has been designed by our team of experts to combine a supportive “nation” of fellow members and instructors with the latest fitness equipment and training techniques.

Worcester Fitness features an all-star line-up of spin instructors who pride themselves on leading classes perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Choose any class in any of our studios, and begin to enjoy fitness in a brand new way!

Worcester Fitness also features personal trainers who will incorporate all aspects of fitness and health into your program.

Nutrition, work schedule, health history, and fitness dreams…we put it all together and create a powerful coach/athlete relationship.

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    • Cross Training Studio
    • Personal Trainers
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    • Spartan™ Training
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