Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Pool

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Indoor Swimming

Perfect for laps, competitive training, and relaxing swims.
Our indoor swimming pool is equipped with a state of the art saline filtration system that makes your time in the water healthier and easier on the environment.

Swimming burns roughly 500 calories an hour. Kick up the intensity a bit and you can get that number up to 700! Plus, as an added bonus, no wear and tear on your joints! That means you can safely swim pretty much every day without worrying about burning out your body and getting sidelined.
The fact that it's easy on your body but hard on calories makes swimming in our pool an extremely good choice for a lifetime of fitness and health.
PLUS, Worcester Fitness features several popular programs featuring our pool including, children's swimming lessons, advanced Total Immersion swim training, birthday parties, lifeguard training and more!

worcester fitness indoor pool

worcester fitness indoor pool