Ages 4-8

EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program is designed to help children ages 4-8 build physical strength, self-regulation skills, social skills, and improve confidence.

POWER=Performance & Occupation-Based Workouts for Exercise & Regulation

Your child will participate in a themed and structured class including an introduction, physical warm up activity, and an obstacle course challenge. The program gets its foundation from occupational therapy theories including the Sensory Integration theory, STAR Frame of Reference, and Cole’s 7 Steps of Group Dynamics.

The EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program utilizes the unique skill set of Occupational Therapy practitioners to help create the “just right” challenge for your child. The class size is capped at a small number to help the class to remain personalized to your child while also having the opportunity to interact with peers.

As our program grows at Worcester Fitness, so will the number of individuals in each class (more kids=more mentors as well), class times, sessions offered.

Research has shown that individuals who participated in the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp program has demonstrated improved sensory processing skills, improved functional outcomes in daily occupations, and significant improvements in tactile (touch) processing, body awareness, balance/motion, motor planning, activity of daily living (ADL) performance, and social participation.


Kailee Salerno


performance & occupation based workouts for exercise and regulation

July 26th – August 30th
6 weeks $170



about kailee

Kailee Salerno

Kailee Salerno

Kailee Salerno is an occupational therapy assistant certified in EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program. Kailee has a passion for helping others through occupational therapy services, exercise, and working with kids.

The EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program encompasses all three of her passions into one. Kailee is excited to offer this evidenced based bootcamp approach to help kids balance their sensory needs, build self-regulation skills, social skills, and to have fun!