Strengthens your back, hips, shoulders, and glutes.


Back Exercises

Remember to take breaks whenever you feel as though your body needs one. Always drink plenty of water.

Position 1

Lay down on your stomach with your arms positioned straight ahead and your legs positioned straight back (like Superman flying!) Try to position your ankles so that your toes are facing a bit away from your shins. Face your palms towards each other. Leep your head relaxed and always aligned with your spine.

Position 2

Take a normal breath and slowly exhale while at the same time contracting your abs and core. This will help to stabilize your back. Extend your hips slowly by raising both of your legs SLOWLY. Bring your legs just a few inches up off of the floor. At the same time, raise both of your arms up a few inches off the floor. Don’t rotate your arms or legs! Keep your head and upper body still being mindful of keeping your back from arching or your head from lifting. Hold briefly. Do NOT hold your breath!

Position 3

As you inhale for your next comfortable breath, gently lower your legs and arms back towards the first position without moving your low back or hips.

NOTE– Remember, strengthening ANY muscle is a process, not a quick fix! Repeat the series of movements above ONLY as long as you are maintaining a strict and comfortable form. As soon as you feel that the movement is being forced or that you are struggling to maintain perfect form, stop. Your muscles will only get stronger and healthier if you remain disciplined in your practice!

Results will come!!

You can do Supermans at home, at Worcester Fitness in our Stretch Center and Strength Center.

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