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2020 has been a tough year on all fronts for nearly everyone. Normalcy was thrown out the window, and for many of us, our daily routine has not been able to get back to what it was. For some of us, myself included, many goals were abandoned and we’ve gone in a direction that was not intended.

And you know what?

That’s Ok – we adapt, we learn, we grow.

It’s never too late to regroup and look forward, and with that here are some thoughts to begin getting back on track and moving forward to a better 2021!

Worcester Fitness has designed some fantastic new “non-membership” intro programs that will really help you make new gains and reach new goals in 2021. Programs like ’21 Jump Start particularly have been created specifically to help you set short term goals for long term gains!

Getting Back on Track For 2021 in 5 Easy Steps:

1) Make your bed – Every morning, make your bed. Start the day with this one small accomplishment. Give yourself the psychological boost of having conquered a task so early in the day.

2) Call your doctor – One of the many things that were disrupted this past year was routine medical visits. Annual physicals, medication checks, mammograms, colonoscopies, and many other routine screenings fell off the calendars due to office closures and scheduling difficulties. Get those back onto your schedule and check in with your medical team.

“It is never too late to regroup and look forward, and with that here are some thoughts to begin getting back on track and moving forward to a better 2021!”

-Chris Jones

3) Reconnect – Contact those family members and friends who you may not have seen or spoken to in a while. Humans are social creatures and thrive in a world of interconnectedness. Many people withdrew from contact this past year and the effect on mental health is becoming widely seen. Text, call, and video chat with the people you care about. Maybe even bring a relative or good friend to the club for a visit! Contact us if you’re interested in a guest pass.

4) Prioritize your goals – What is it you want? Did you have unachieved goals from years past? Have the events of this year given you a new direction? Write these down and figure out ways to measure progress in each one. Keep this list where you can see it daily.

5) Get assistance – If you need help with any of these tasks, ask for it. Reach out and you will find many hands willing to help you. Establishing a schedule with one of our personal trainers will not only help get you in shape, it will also help you to stick with it!

One last bonus tip that can make all the difference – Don’t be afraid to succeed! Give yourself permission to enjoy your progress, accept your setbacks, and honor your achievements.

To speak with Chris Jones about his great ideas for staying fit, and how massage therapy can become a part of your self-care routine, please reach out to him at cvjones@gmail.com

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