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Last Sunday (March 4, 2018) Worcester Fitness hosted our very first "Spin for Kids" event as part of our Fitness for a Cause Program. The event was in support of our friends at Why Me Sherry's House. We welcomed Why Me families and friends, the Worcester Fitness team, and 55 different riders to the club.

What a ride!

As a group, we raised over $22,000 for for Why Me Sherry's just four hours.

We want to thank every one of the 50+ riders who dedicated their Sunday morning  to raise money for this fantastic organization.

We could not have done this without our amazing sponsors. A very special thank you to all of our friends at S&G Business Consultants, Sansoucy Stone, One Off Apparel, Group Benefit Strategies, Creedon & Co., Barry Electric. We are also grateful to our photographers - Jim Ushkurnis Photography and Joe Santa Maria of  Kill the Ball Media

Still interested in making a donation? It is not too late... visit our donation page!

Fitness Scramble Results!

By Janine McCarthy
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The first ever Worcester Fitness "Fitness Scramble" is in the books and today we announce the winners!
The Scramble team "Pittsburgh Steelers" were the Overall Winners even beating the Worcester Fitness Team of employees who had a huge home field advantage!Each member of the winning team will receive a free smoothie!
The Steelers Team was made up of these WF athletes :
• Megan Briggs
• David Fields
• Doris Gould
• Jane Raabis
• Jen Roche
• Leslie Quinn
• Tim O'Brien
• Jane Jackson
The Scramble's MVP was Jane Raabis who was awarded with an official WFN stainless steel water bottle!
Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated! Stay tuned for announcements about our next fitness challenge...

Pull an "All-Nighter"

By Andy Sharry
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Worcester Fitness is turned into a Merry scavenger race of Midnight Madness in this fun, unique event to benefit our own special charitable fund called Friends Helping Friends.
December 8, 2017
10:00PM - 1:00AM
What is Friends Helping Friends?
FhF was started in 2017 by several members of Worcester Fitness as a way to show financial and emotional support to two members battling cancer. Now, the fund needs a boost to continue. Funds raised through this event will help us continue to lend a financial hand to those in our Worcester Fitness Family who need it. Our first act of kindness following this event will be to donate money to Planting the Seed's Toy Drive. Throughout the year, we will donate to additional people and causes within our family. 100% of the money raised will be used directly to help those in need.
Teams of 3 participants will compete in 20+ physical and mental challenges set-up all throughout Worcester Fitness!
The challenges won’t be revealed until the teams' check-in! Each team will have 90 minutes to complete each task and be signed-off on by MMM referees stationed around the club.
The team that finishes all of the challenges first, OR the team finishing the highest number of challenges in the allotted time will be crowned MMM Champion! There will be prizes for the winning team AND for best team costume/theme!
Preliminary Schedule (subject to change):

10pm Teams arrive and register for the event. Teams are given the 20+ obstacles on a clip board

1015pm Merry, Midnight Madness Begins!

1145pm Merry, Midnight Madness Ends!

1145-1am Late Night Merry Midnight Madness Party in the Bar with Food, Drinks and Fun!
Signs ups will start on Monday November 13th.

Sign up for Merry Midnight Madness

Fitness Challenge

Tricia Stepanski Plouffe

By Andy Sharry
Worcester Fitness
"Worcester Fitness has and will continue to make a huge positive difference in my life!"

In January of 2017, I was extremely ill with the flu and almost died.  It took 6 weeks of bed rest to regain strength, energy and to start to feel “normal”.   Due to the 6 weeks of bed rest, my knee area showed signs of atrophy, thus resulting in my inability to walk well or use stairs.  I was in constant pain.  Once completed with my physical therapy at Saint Vincent Hospital, they referred me to Worcester Fitness.  Before joining Worcester Fitness, however, I chose to visit 5 gyms in the city and assessed St. Vincent’s was correct in sending me to Worcester Fitness.  Worcester Fitness stood out tremendously from the other gyms. The environment is professional, clean, calm, attractive and totally focused on service.

I joined the gym in May and a program was initiated on my behalf.  Janine became my personal trainer; Dani became my massage therapist.  By meeting with Janine and Dani at different and regular intervals, I started a personally tailored program that has proven to be of enormous help for major health improvements.   The combined efforts of Janine, Dani and I, have turned my health around for the better.

I am no longer in pain.  I can walk up and down stairs with confidence and comfort.  I can get up from sitting on the floor without needing assistance or something to hold.  I have returned to country western line dancing, something I had missed for years.  My balance is greatly improved. My posture is totally different.  My strength and stamina greatly surpasses when I started.  I ride the stationary bike 5 miles a day and continue to increase my walking time on a treadmill.  Emotionally, I feel happier and more centered. I now am at the gym 4-5 days a week (with or without individualized attention) and have changed my lifestyle to ensure even greater health.   I also have been motivated to change the foods I eat and thus have lost 30 pounds and counting!

I am grateful to the professionals and patrons at Worcester Fitness who have helped me alter my life.  I now understand the benefits of creating healthful time for myself and providing tutelage on body enhancing techniques that literally have resulted in no pain and excellent physical health. 

How Yoga Can Change Your Life

By Robyn Dos Santos
If you’ve been contemplating a yoga practice, consider the following findings.  Among the myriad benefits of a regular yoga practice are:
Improved balance, strength, and flexibility
Reduction of weight and body fat
Stress reduction
Increased bone mass and bone strength
Improved cardiovascular conditioning
Prevention of injuries
Restore vitality and youthfulness
Assist in psychological well-being
Promote digestion
Aid in spiritual connectedness
Increase respiratory capacity and efficacy
Improve joint motility
This is not a complete list.  Many yoga practitioners report significant reversals in chronic conditions as well as improved function in all areas of life. Some people who found little or no relief from traditional approaches to health and healing have found that yoga offered real and lasting improvement. Additionally, the scientific and medical communities are now recognizing yoga’s unique positioning as a health and wellness prescription.  Hundreds of random controlled studies (RCT’s) have been conducted that prove yoga’s benefits. And more are being done for a variety of conditions including neurodegenerative disorders and autoimmune conditions.

How it works

Yoga treats the body and the mind as one, integrated whole.  Coming to a yoga practice to increase flexibility in your joints just might evolve into learning to breathe more completely, more effectively.  The emphasis on stretching the body during yoga relieves tension, soreness, and sluggishness. Increased flexibility brings improvements in posture and virtually all movement activities.  Holding the poses strengthens muscle, bones, and joints. 

Breathing is often a key component to practicing yoga.  Since, we are always breathing, learning to expand on the energy of the breath will improve overall health and wellness, while reducing the effects of stress.   This breath awareness, which can be done one minute at a time, can lead to a sense of stillness, of letting go to the peaceful, undisturbed part of the mind.  Yoga’s mental and psychological benefits arise from this place, of creating new ways of thinking and doing.  Over time, this process of thought renewal can assist in working towards behavior changes (changing old habits, looking at everyday situations in a more objective way).

With its’ skillful and mindful approach to delivery, yoga can be tailored to meet the needs of anyone.  Yes, anyone can practice yoga.  And they do.  Whether you are currently healthy, recovering from illness or injury, young, old, overweight or not, the components of yoga will meet you exactly where you are at this current moment in time.  In fact, that presence, and  an acceptance of the state of the body and the mind is a powerful tool of yoga.  While working with the physical poses of yoga (the asanas), all thought is on feeling the sensations within the body. This asks that the mind take time off from the regular, habitual thought patterns and allow for a sense of freedom, of openness to possibilities.  (in yoga, this is often referred to as “A beginner’s mind”, sometimes the best place to be!)

Yoga is a path, a journey.  Staying on the path, devoting some time,  and having faith can take you far.


Did you know that Worcester Fitness offers team building programs? Our StrongTeam™ training program is the perfect combination of motivational coaching and group fitness training.

Recently, Andy Sharry and Meg Paradis conducted a session with Wachusett Regional High School's Girl's Vollyball Team that included a rocking spin class taught by Andy and Meg followed by a motivational discussion on the power of THE TEAM.

We are looking forward to working with YOUR team or business group! Contact Andy Sharry to schedule a StrongTeam™ Session at Worcester Fitness for your team!

KnockOut 90 is HERE!

Worcester Fitness Meg Paradis

Knockout 90

66 members of Worcester Fitness Nation enrolled!

Worcester Fitness presents Knockout 90

Knockout 90 is here! We have 66 members of Worcester Fitness enrolled in this incredible program-all dedicated to raising money, raising awareness and doing it ALL in classic Worcester Fitness style!



Welcome and Introduction in Group Exercise studio with Meg Paradis for all participants.


• Camp with Picky Lanigan in HD Studio

• Strength with Mary Daniels in Group Exercise Studio

• Spin with Meg Paradis in Spin Studio


• Camp with Picky Lanigan in HD Studio

• Strength with Denleigh Grniet in Group Exercise Studio

• Spin with Meg Paradis in Spin Studio


• Camp with Picky Lanigan in HD Studio

• Strength with Tracy Riley in Group Exercise Studio

• Spin with Meg Paradis in Spin Studio


•Thank You and Closing with Meg Paradis in Group Exercise Studio for all participants.


• Celebration in MacDonald's Tavern

About Knockout 90

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of our own, Meg Paradis, who was diagnosed in the Spring has undergone treatments and recently returned to teaching at Worcester Fitness. She wants to give back to the community that has supported her during the previous several months by hosting special events in October. The event will take place in the first week of October and is designed to raise fund for Dana-Farber Cancer Center and to raise awareness during BCAM.

Nicole Apelian


Nicole Apelian


"Having the right mindset was my new best friend."


Nicole Apelian has been personal training with Fitness Director Andy Sharry five days each week over the last eighteen months. Nicole came to Worcester Fitness when she was at her physically weakest point, barely finished with her cancer treatments and sapped of her usual strength and energy. But, with a very strong spirit.  Nicole enjoyed her training sessions with Andy and within just a few short weeks, she was achieving monumental accomplishments.

"Nicole lifts weights, runs and jumps unlike anyone else I train." says Andy,  "Despite her petite statute, I don't train anyone who can bench press, squat or overhead press more than this 110 pound beast-combination of determination and grit."  Andy and others at Worcester Fitness are inspired by Nicole, and the manner in which she has handled her adversity.
"She just comes in with a smile, works her tail off, and does this days after day." says Andy,  "She respects her illness but also isn't defined by it, or limited in any way by it.  I really look forward to my time with Nicole."
Nicole’s story should emphasize to all of us the importance of being fully aware of your family medical history and mindful of the changes in your own body. Breast cancer has afflicted many people in Nicole’s family. She has been diligent about getting routine checkups every six-months since she turned twenty-five years old.
It was in the time between one of those biannual visits that she felt a lump in her breast and immediately scheduled to see her doctors. 
"That day in July of 2015 my whole entire world was forever changed." Nicole adds emphatically, "I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I was in the best shape of my life. Training five days a week, eating right, and  my daughter was starting kindergarten. how could this happen to me? I was feeling a million different emotions but fear wasn't one of them. Having the right mindset was my new best friend. It got me through surgery, chemo, and it got me out of bed even on my sickest days. Today I feel the best I've ever felt and with the right mindset I won't have it any other way!"
Nicole now enjoys her time with her husband Dan and daughter Samara, who is enrolled in swim lessons at Worcester Fitness and occasionally accompanies her Mom in personal training sessions with Andy.  "A  healthy lifestyle is something I want to instill in Samara so she has a love for swimming, running, playing and being active and Worcester Fitness is a place she really enjoys being."

Worcester Fitness Flu Shot Clinic

By Andrea MacDonald Shliapa
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Flu Shot Clinics at Worcester Fitness

Worcester Fitness will be offering two opportunities to become vaccinated from the Flu for the winter of 2017-2018. We care about our members and want you to be healthy. This is Free of Charge for Employees, Members and Guests. Please have your insurance card with you.

Clinic #1
Provided By Neil Grossman from Walgreens
Thursday, September 28

Clinic #2
Provided by Anthony Desmond from Osco Drugs @Shaw’s Gold Star Boulevard
Tuesday, October 3rd  

Bring a Friend to Yoga!

By Andrea MacDonald Shliapa
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Worcester Fitness is celebrating National Yoga Month by inviting our members to bring a friend or family member to the club with them to take as many yoga classes as they like!

worcester fitness national yoga month

Bring a Guest To Yoga for Free

September is National Yoga Month.

Do you have a friend or family member that hasn’t yet discovered their own inner yogi? There is NO better time than National Yoga Month to give someone the gift of improved flexibility and inner peace. That's why we invite you to bring your friend to Worcester Fitness for a class between now and September 30!

“Each body is a universe. As good a universe as you could conceive.”

Plus a Chance to Win!

In addition to free classes for friends and family members, Worcester Fitness is giving one lucky guest a FREE months Yoga pass! Every guest who joins a Worcester Fitness member for a yoga class between September 18th and September 30th will be entered into a drawing to win a one month yoga class pass.

Plus--the member who brought the winning guest in to Worcester Fitness will ALSO win a one-hour massage!

Join Us for Yoga For A Cause

Everyone is invited to join us for our October Yoga for a Cause!

October 7th
Yoga for A Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness
$5 for non-members
Donations happily accepted for Dana Farber Cancer Center!

Our clients and their stories.

Everyone is an athlete at Worcester Fitness

Lately, we've had the chance to reflect on the work we do here at Worcester Fitness.
As our team talked to each other about clients past and present, we were overwhelmed by the incredible diversity of our members. All ages, all sizes, all with their own unique and personal motivations. That is what puts the "personal" in Personal Training. All of our trainers agreed that most of the time it is the CLIENT that is doing a large amount of the motivating and inspiring. Inspiring them to excel as trainers, grow as coaches and exceed their clients expectations.
So, from all of us to all of you- thank you for making us better trainers and better people!

Here are a few short stories that we hope motivate YOU!

Worcester Fitness Leo McCarthy

Client - Jack
Trainer - Andy Sharry

Jack is down 50+ pounds. He trains with Andy two times per week, takes Small Group Training sessions and is on the Spartan and Running team.

Clients - Pat and Colleen
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

The dynamic sister team of Pat & Colleen use the pool to help in their battles against cancer. Breast cancer doesn't stop them from strength, cardio, flexibility and aqua fitness.

Clients - Warrior Women
Trainer - Janine McCarthy

What a great group! New class for the fall Warrior Boxing & Fitness. 
Thank you Janine and all your WARRIORS!

Client - Pastor Gloria 
Trainer - Leo McCarthy

Pastor Gloria tends to her flock around the clock. Unless she's taking care of herself in her personal training sessions with Leo.

Clients - Cherie
Trainer - Andy Sharry

Cherie trains with Andy, takes Small Group Training classes and has weekly massage therapy sessions with Steve Dozois. We're your comprehensive health and wellness team! 

Clients - Linda
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

Master Trainer Picky has embarked on a journey to wellness with Linda. Her Goal? To move and feel better. What's better than that?! 

Client - Kevin
Trainer - Dianne Durand

Dianne trains Kevin. Kevin has a newborn. Kevin NEEDS his time at Worcester Fitness.

Clients - Meredyth
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

Meredyth values her personal training time with Picky. It helps her lead and inspire the folks in her church. 

Clients - Kristen
Trainer - Janine McCarthy

Janine has worked with Kristen during the summer. She's headed back to the classroom on Monday feeling great, strong and ready for her students. 


By Worcester Fitness
Contact Andy with Questions 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of our own, Meg Paradis, who was diagnosed in the Spring has undergone treatments and recently returned to teaching at Worcester Fitness. She wants to give back to the community that has supported her during the previous several months by hosting special events in October. The event will take place in the first week of October and is designed to raise fund for Dana-Farber Cancer Center and to raise awareness during BCAM.

Day 1

Day 1: Monday October 2nd Kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Week at Worcester Fitness. Representatives from DFCC and the Jimmy Fund will be in our lobby from 4pm to 7pm with vital information, prizes, giveaways and fun. There may be chair massages and other fun activities.

Worcester Fitness Weight Lifting

Day 2

Tuesday October 3rd is the "Knockout 90 for Breast Cancer" event from 6-8pm, with an informal party to follow in MacDonald's Tavern. In this event, 60 people sign up to do a 90 minute workout. Every 30 minutes each group of 20 moves from one room to the other, from SPIN to STRENGTH to CAMP. The donation is just $20 per person and spots are reserved at the front desk at Worcester Fitness. The event is open to the public, sign ups start after Labor Day for members, and sign ups for the public open Monday 9/11.

Beautiful young woman yoga workout in gym

Day 3

Saturday October 7th is Yoga for A Cause at 10am. $5 for the public, free for members but donations are encouraged and all funds sent to Dana Farber.

If you are interested in participating in the Worcester Fitness Knockout 90 program, we want to hear from you!

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