5 Ways to Get More Activity

Let’s face it, scheduling a dedicated 30+ minutes to set aside for exercise each day can be an anxiety-producing event. Day to day routines can, at times, be unpredictable. Whether you are a casual exerciser or someone who regularly dives head-first into the land of sweat, there are little things that we all can do to sneak a little extra activity into our day. Here are a few suggestions to give a boost to the daily grind.

Here are 5 easy ways to bump up your daily activity levels:

1 Start a morning routine – Before you even get out of bed, try a few stretches to get the muscles and joints moving again. After that, try a round of calisthenics to get the blood moving. A set of jumping jacks, knee lifts, squats, and push-ups makes for a nice circuit.

2) Parking lot strategy – Park as far away from your destination as you are comfortable. Just getting those extra steps in gives you a circulation boost and time to mentally shift between tasks.

Whether you are standing in line, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth you can still include some activity.

-Chris Jones

3) Top of the hour – If you have a sedentary job, make an effort every hour to get up out of your chair. Let your eyes focus on something 15-20 feet away to allow your eyes to relax after doing so much close-up work. Slowly rotate your neck from side to side. Add in some arm circles. Maybe even touch your toes if you are so inclined. Give yourself at least a minute to move your body around. If you have space, add in a few moves from the morning calisthenics circuit to get the blood moving again.

4)  Social activity – Even with today’s restrictions and physical distancing suggestions, group activities can be a safe and fun way to keep moving. Arrange a walking group. Hike with friends. Play some tennis. Exercise doesn’t feel like work when you are having fun.

5) Standing around – Whether you are standing in line, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth you can still include some activity. Heel raises, squats, glute squeezes, ab squeezes, and anything using dynamic resistance are all excellent choices. Sure, if you are in public people may give you a few looks, but maybe they just might follow your example. Be a trendsetter!

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