9 Things You Can Do to Feel Healthier Starting Today


2020 has been a year filled with extraordinary and unprecedented hardships.  We’ve all felt the pain that comes with a devastating global pandemic.  When paired with political and civil unrest, it’s a recipe for high stress. Unfortunately, our health suffers most dramatically.  How we eat, sleep, exercise and maintain our relationships with others has really taken a beating in 2020.


Try these!

  1. Take a Walk.  I don’t care how cold or windy it is.  Get out and move your body in the fresh air.

2. Walk & Talk. The best way to make that walk better is to find one or two people to walk with and catch up on positive news in your lives.

3. Eat to Win.  Ask me for an easy to follow plan to make simple changes that will immediately help you feel better inside and out.

4. Get a Massage.  Self-care is a great way to relieve stress, release endorphins, and heal your mind and body.  Forgo buying junk food, coffee, or other treats and invest that money in yourself.

5. Call or Text an Old Friend: Reach out to ask how they are doing in these crazy times.  Go deep into your contact list and find someone who might need a surprise check-in. It’ll make both of you feel great.

6. Sleep.  Rest your body each night for as long as possible.  Sleep is so vital to mental and physical health that it MUST be a priority in your life.  If your sleep is suffering, find ways to remedy that now.  Reduced screen time, meditation, proper nutrition, and increased exercise can all help you sleep better each night.

7. Put Down the Phone.  Limit your screen time.   Ask yourself what about the time on your phone causes you the most stress and find ways to mitigate that stress.  You know you have to do it, so start today.

8. Surround Yourself with Love.  Associate with people who love you.  Do your best to reduce or eliminate time with those who make you feel poorly.

9. Be Kind To Yourself.  We are all works in progress and mistakes will be made.  Go easy on yourself and be kind to yourself. Celebrate the victories too!

The key to making changes is always to keep as much as you can in the proper perspective. Put the most amount of energy into the people and activities that you love the most and you will notice very quickly how much lighter you feel, both inside and out!

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