Worcester Fitness Flyers and YWCA Successfully Raise Funds for Pool Starting Blocks

Sep 20, 2023

The Worcester Fitness Flyers ran a fundraising swim-a-thon challenge at the YWCA
facility, where they currently practice, in October of 2022. At the time, the competition
pool did not have starting blocks. Their goal was to raise funds to purchase at least one
starting block for the YWC. It would be a large task and an amazing opportunity to
support their community. They were determined.

16 Flyers ages 7-15 solicited donations in an effort to reach their goal. The challenge
was to complete a continuous swim for 45 minutes or 1 hour, depending on their ability.
The swimmers amazingly raised enough money for the one starting block. They had
reached their goal. Parents and family friends were among those who contributed funds.
Worcester Fitness saw an opportunity to support that effort. They contributed the
remaining funds needed for the additional blocks, 5 total, and also covered the
installation costs. An amazingly generous contribution of $20,000.

It took a large team of YWCA managers to helped make this happen. They gave the
approval for the project, the proposed starting block design and managed the
installation timeline. But the initial idea came from a conversation between the YWCA
Aquatic Coordinator, John Dwinell and the Head Coach of the Flyers, Kathy Spodick
over a year ago. Together they imagined how just one starting block could greatly
enhance both their programs. Head Coach Kathy took it from there.

It was a total team effort between the Worcester Fitness and the YWCA management
with Coach Kathy driving the process along the way. But It’s really not about the two
associations adults involved here, it is about the effort of the swimmers, their
determination and willingness to make a difference, the support of the families and the
generosity of the Worcester Fitness Family.

This additional equipment at the YWCA will greatly enhance the Worcester Fitness
Flyers competitive training and their individual performance in competition. It will also,
more importantly, provide the YWCA with a new dimension to their current aquatic
program and many opportunities to develop new programs for their community.

The Flyers Swim Team is excited for their first meet in December to showcase the
YWCA’s new blocks and their performance in front of family and friends. Worcester
Fitness was pleased to be able to bring this project to fruition in an effort to give back to
the Worcester community.

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