Dave Peterson Building Strength and Confidence at Worcester Fitness

Apr 11, 2023

worcester fitness

Worcester Fitness congratulates Dave Peterson on an impressive milestone – reaching 1000 visits! We thank him for his continued dedication to improving their health and wellness.

Dave has been the General Manager of  the Worcester Bravehearts since 2013, and their relationship with us here at Worcester Fitness runs deep. We’ve sponsored them since 2014, and have had the privilege to train these elite athletes for 10 weeks every summer!

Dave started his fitness journey later in life (having never stepped foot in a gym before he started at Worcester Fitness), with an ambitious goal to lose weight and build muscle. In 2019 he began his training plan under Sam Kowaleski, taking a giant leap forward towards feeling healthier and more confident about himself.

After a transformative journey of dedication and commitment, Dave has seen remarkable results. In 3+ years’ time Dave has successfully shed 30lbs of body fat while increasing his lean muscle mass by 20lbs! His drive for fitness brought him to sometimes take on an even more rigorous regimen with two workouts per day – proving that motivation is the key to success!

Congratulations Dave!



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