Looking back at my education and the activities that have led me to working at Worcester Fitness, it has almost in a sense been full circle. As I went through high school, playing sports, and working out, my vision was that I would be a personal trainer and 10 years later- here I am! My idea of being a personal trainer changed over the years.  First to a college education with pre-Physical Therapy concentration and then graduate work in Adapted Physical Activity. Most people hear APA and say“ummmm and what’s that?”


Adapted Physical Activity focuses on promotion and implementation of health and wellness programs for people with disabilities of all ages. Currently, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that 61 million adults live with a disability-that’s ONLY adults.

Unfortunately, the rates for secondary conditions such as obesity and/or diabetes for example or multiple disabilities are higher in individuals with disabilities. My goal is to use this information along with my education and experience to reduce the growing statistics and create change within our immediate community in Worcester County.


As a Personal Trainer. I focus on Adapted Physical Activity for both adults and children when I work with them- disability or no disability. Not only do people with an existing disability need access to and the education available at a fitness center.  People tend to forget, however, that eventually, they will most likely age into a disability (i.e. hearing loss, vision impairment, etc.) Using the Adaptive Physical Activity approach you can reduce the likelihood of an onsetting disability or at the very least delay its arrival.  In my career as an athlete and fitness professional, I’ve been fortunate to work with Veterans with PTSD, a Paralympian who competed in Sitting Volleyball, and children with Autism and/or Intellectual disability or Learning disability.

“Adapted Physical Activity focuses on promotion and implementation of health and wellness programs for people with disabilities of all ages.”

-Janine McCarthy

I am very excited to bring this APA program to Worcester Fitness. I hope to promote an overall healthy lifestyle for everyone and create an inclusive environment here at the club!   I welcome you to ask me more about this approach, my background, my favorite experiences, or simply for new workout ideas! I’m also super-excited to have earned my WSI – Water Safety Instructor –  certification in late May so look for me in our awesome pool. I may be reached at

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