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By Andrea Shliapa

Fitness is a pretty big part of who we are and what we do. It is our name after all!

But part of what makes Worcester Fitness the special place that it is has nothing whatsoever to do with fitness. You might even say that the things that we are most famous for have very little to do with exercise or working out at all.

Around here, we call it being a part of Worcester Fitness Nation.

Worcester Fitness as a health club, between our two locations has roughly three thousand two hundred members.

Worcester Fitness Nation has literally thousands of citizens. Here’s how we look at citizenship to Worcester Fitness Nation.

Current Members of Worcester Fitness Health Clubs

As I mentioned earlier, Worcester Fitness has over three thousand actual members. People who come into the club each day, had a Member Services Representative their bright blue key tag, and venture off to one of the many professionally staffed service and fitness areas found in both clubs.

Our members are our foundation. As a business, we are focused on maintaining a healthy and profitable financial status. We need to be successful in order to continue to renovate our clubs, purchase new equipment, and most importantly keep everything to the standards you expect and beyond.

Thanks to our club members, we are able to do this seven days a week, 364 days each year.

Former Members of Worcester Fitness

One of the most wonderful things about Worcester Fitness is that when people do end their memberships, it is usually because they are moving away from Worcester or as a result of some other life-changing event.

As a result, the vast majority of people who leave our club are leaving as happy and satisfied members who want to stay in touch with us. These former members are some of our most loyal fans on social media venues such as Facebook™, Instagram™, and Twitter™. We love seeing their comments on current club happenings!

Community Members

Each year, Worcester Fitness participates in several community support events. We participate in some events as official sponsors. For other events we attend as an interested member of the community.

We consider the people we engage with as a result of these events, members of Worcester Fitness Nation too!

Here is a short list of just some of the events we sponsor and support each year-

Planting the Seed Foundation

• 5K Road Race in August Sponsor

• Toy Drive in December Sponsor

Worcester Public Schools

• Mini-Olympics Spring Sponsor

• Mini-Olympics Fall Sponsor

Worcester Bravehearts Baseball

• Sponsor

Worcester Sharks Hockey

            • Sponsor

15-40 Connection

            • Supporter

Just in it for the fun!

Worcester Fitness Nation also includes those people who attend our events all year long but aren’t necessarily participating as club member. This is a fantastic group filled with the young and old alike. Some of our most popular events for members and non-members –

• Worcester Fitness 5K

• Worcester Fitness Running Club

• MacDonald’ s Tavern Wednesday Night Fun Run

• Kid’s Night Out

• Birthday Parties

• Worcester Fitness Homecoming, the night before Thanksgiving at MacDonald’s

• Paint Night

• Annual Superbowl™ Parties

When you add it all up…Worcester Fitness Nation is growing by the hundreds every year! Remember this when you are telling your friends about our clubs. We are more than just gyms…there is literally something for everyone at Worcester Fitness!


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No matter what fitness activities you are interested in, Worcester Fitness has a membership that will fit perfectly for you.