Worcester Fitness-Aqua Girl Treadmill Tips

sarah copyI loved this slideshow that Refinery29 posted recently about how to spice up a treadmill workout at Worcester Fitness.

In brief: Don’t shy away from the incline button, Try a free weight speed trial on the treadmill, Listen to Refinery’s approved workout playlist (available for free on Spotify for your audio pleasure), Sprint for one minute every time Kim Kardashian cries (don’t tell me you don’t watch E! on the treadmill)

If you ever have a question about running safety, treadmill training or fitness in general, ask any of the awesome Worcester Fitness Personal Trainers any time!

Training on the many different kinds of treadmills at Worcester Fitness is one of the most effective and safe forms of exercise available to you.

Here are some other great features at Worcester Fitness-

  • Personal Training/TRX Training Studio
  • Weight Room
  • Stretching area
  • Free Parking
  • Coaching
  • Fitness classes
  • Member lounge area
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Indoor Pool
  • Spin Studio

Remember to always make sure that you are working at the level right for your body. Ignore those around you and do not become competitive with yourself! Fitness is a process that takes time…enjoy the process!

Happy treads!

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No matter what fitness activities you are interested in, Worcester Fitness has a membership that will fit perfectly for you.