Worcester Fitness Peak Training Classes

Dec 27, 2021

Worcester Fitness Announces January 2022 Peak Training Classes.

Worcester Fitness is proud to release our January 2022 Peak performance training class schedule. This is our very first schedule for our new Peak training program and it is jam packed with uniquely designed, results maximized.

Not only are the classes exceptional…there are more of them. More chances to take your favorite classes, more reasons to stay focused and driven, and more opportunities to get in the best shape of your life!


Peak training is designed to get you into great shape while keeping workout durations at a realistic level. That’s why most of our clkasses are 45-minutes long. BUT, even if you can only squeeze 25-minutes into youre busy day, we’ve got you covered! Here are just two of our maximum results, 25-minute classes.


Ab/Core – A 25 minute class dedicated to strengthening your abs and core to help you get that look you want and the functional stability you need! Get ready to do a combination of static and dynamic movements to feel the burn like never before!


Cardio/Core –  What better combo than cardio and core to burn fat and get shredded? This 25 minute class will get your heart rate up and build a solid core to help tone your mid section and get stronger with everyday functional movements! You’ll be using rowers, treadmills and assault bikes with exercises targeting the hips and mid section!