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andYears ago, I was that girl that would not step foot into a gym.  Nope.  I wouldn’t do it.  My poor husband tried everything.  I was just too intimidated by all the equipment and machines and I had no idea what to do with it all.  Cut to about four years ago and I was no longer going to sit around, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, tired and unmotivated.  I had to do something.  Our oldest was about 3 yrs. old and we walked into Worcester Fitness. I was converted!  The people, the staff, the facility, the Kids Korner and family atmosphere all had me at “hello”.   You mean I can learn how to exercise while my child is having fun? Ok, this can work for me.

I really found my fitness groove a couple years ago.  I learned how use the equipment, got comfortable trying new things and got stronger, leaner and more energized! My trainer and mentor, the infamous Ellen Chevalier that I refer to as “Coach”, encouraged me to pursue Group Fitness certifications, which later lead to my certification in Personal Training.  I love all things fitness.  The more I can read and learn and study, the happier I am.

I’m looking forward to blogging with you all.  I’m new at this, so bare with me.  I’ll spell things wrong, have poor grammar and think I’m clever when I’m not.  I’ll share my fit philosophies such as the importance of lifting weights (ones heavier than your purse, ladies), how you can’t out-train a bad diet to setting goals that are right for you. I hope to motivate and entertain and share some of the info that I obtain on this journey.  Make sure you stop me to say “Hello” next time you see me doing walking weighted lunges down the hall!  Or better yet, grab some dumbbells and join me.  Stay healthy, stay fit, and stay strong!

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