Worcester Fitness and Losing It

sarah copyThe best part about being a Worcester Fitness superhero in 2010 was the accountability. Everyday I had to be some sort of active and everyday I had to publicize it.

Now, it’s easier to skirt around the workout. But one thing is about to change all of that…

I recently came to terms with the fact that no matter how loudly I yell into my Blackberry, Siri is NEVER going to answer. So, I splurged on an iPhone (I know, I know– welcome to the 21st century.) Needless to say, I came home with 700,000 apps at my fingertips and my favorite is called Lose it!

Lose it! tracks my exercise, calorie intake, and weight loss. It’s easy to use and quick to motivate.

I will admit that I pushed the limits on Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving II) but it was the perfect time to get started. I’ve gone to the gym more this week than I had in the last month, and it’s all thanks to the savvy guilt tripping of my mobile device.

Watch out Worcester Fitness; my girl Siri doesn’t mess around.


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