Worcester Fitness-Indoor Pool More Accessible

pickBefore putting the lift one of my clients that  had been coming to me for  pool sessions had to stop because she was having difficulty getting in and out of the pool.   Joanna just loved her aquatic workouts and always felt so good after them.  We were both sad that she had to give up her sessions but we both felt it was the right thing to do for her safety.

After the chair lift was installed I called Joanna and asked her to come give it a try with the hope she would be able to resume her workouts.  It was a success!  We were able to get her in and out of the pool with no difficulty and made her experience much more enjoyable. She is now back to her routine and  feeling  good again.

Aquatic exercises can benefit people with  arthritis, injuries, surgery rehabilitation, and weight issues.

If you know anyone that would benefit from one on one aquatic exercise sessions please contact me for a free session

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