Worcester Fitness-Importance of Water Fitness and Rehab

pickUnfortunately, a stroke can happen at any point and at any age. Three-quarters of a million Americans experience the condition each year, a staggering statistic!  However there is some good news!  For those that have suffered from a stroke, now have new innovative technologically-advanced methods at their fingertips to help them regain as much strength and mobility as possible. Among the many unique methods, hydrotherapy ranks fairly high.

Water has the amazing ability to help the human body heal itself and it has gained significant popularity among professional athletes, world-class hospitals and cutting- edge senior living communities as well as those who have experienced a stroke.  As Christine tells us, the patients and stroke survivors that go to her facility have experienced much success with water therapy. Water’s unique properties enable those who are not comfortable rehabbing or working out on land to safely exercise in a pain-free environment. How is that possible, you might ask?

“Water’s buoyancy immediately renders anyone submerged to feel lighter than he or she would on land.  Depending upon the level of submersion, up to 80-90 percent of a client’s body weight could be counteracted.  Thus, a 200-pound man would move as if he only weighed 20-40 pounds.  As a result, his movements would take less effort than if he were doing the same movements in a land-based environment. “ Additionally, rehabbing in a warm water pool helps relax the muscles and lessens aches and pains, essentially making it more enjoyable and comforting to exercise.

One story in particular Christine Shilda shares is about a stroke survivor who participated in the Underwater Marathon in September held in Hershey, PA. This woman was able to walk on the underwater treadmill for 20 minutes during the event, something she never thought possible a few years prior. She had been told that she would not survive her stroke, but with a combination of land and water therapy and much support from her family and friends, she is enjoying her grandchildren, taking up yoga and can say she participated in an underwater marathon!

To learn more about water fitness and hydrotherapy, contact Picky Lanigan at Worcester Fitness. Worcester Fitness offers many different water fitness classes as well as a salt water heated indoor swimming pool, one-on-one water fitness training and much more. Check out Worcester Fitness Indoor Pool today!

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