High Definition Training

High Definition Training

The results you want in a team setting.


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Small Group Personal Training

You'll get the BEST results, with teamwork!

HD Training at Worcester Fitness combines teamwork and personal training. Outweighing the physical benefits, the power and strength that comes from being part of a team will change how you look at fitness. Intense cardio and strength classes, kettlebell training, Spartan Team Training and Boxing Training- all part of our elite training program.
Your Worcester Fitness team of professionally trained and nationally certified trainers will always bring 100% passion to each session. If YOU match that passion, YOUR results could be life changing!

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Sweat, Run, Jump, Push, Press, Row and Curl your way to a highly invigorating
workout to improve your strength, speed, agility, power, and flexibility.

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Swing! Power! Learn the techniques of Kettle Bells and why they are such a great workout when done correctly and with a big, fun group! You'll see the cardio and strength benefits of these unique and exciting fitness tools!

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This High Definition Class will incorporate high intensity movements, explosive power and super strength. You'll sweat, have a great time and be back before the boss knows your gone!

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Train like a professional boxer in this high speed, high energy boxing class. You'll improve your speed, agility, quickness and power through the use of footwork drills, jump-ropes, and punching, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE!

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This High Definition Spartan Training Class is challenging, fun and for everyone! This warm and welcoming team is open to anyone in the HD Program regardless of whether you sign up for the Spartan to Fenway race in November. Come try our the Spartan Training Program and see why it's one of most popular teams at Worcester Fitness!

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Worcester Fitness Members

10 HD  Sessions per Month

Non-Worcester Fitness Members

HD Drop-In: $25 per class

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"I LOVE Worcester Fitness!"

"Not only are the clubs clean and fun but they are also VERY nice people. The receptionists are always smiling and act like they've been waiting all day to see you. I just started doing the HD classes and I love them."

Lisa McCartney

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