Worcester Fitness Has Always Been the Premier Club in Central MA

Sep 1, 2022

worcester fitness

“I can’t say enough about Peak Performance Training.  Over the years I’ve done many different types of workouts from Peloton to CrossFit and everything in between. 

At this point in my busy life with a career and young family, the Peak Boot Camp program is ideal. 

The classes are 45 minutes or less and provide a great workout.  What I like the most is that the workout is different everyday, with exercises that target different muscles, so it’s truly a total body workout. 

Lastly, the classes are small which affords the opportunity for 1:1 coaching from some amazing instructors. There’s also an incredible sense of camaraderie which makes the overall experience a great one. 

In my opinion, Worcester Fitness has always been the premier club in Central Mass and they just elevated their game again by partnering with Peak Performance Training. 

Well done!”




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