Worcester Fitness- Aqua Girl and Fitness’ Finest

sarah copyRecently, The New York Times profiled  a number of “star athletes” in an effort to isolate their common attributes. I’ve taken the liberty of applying these standards to the likes of Worcester Fitness and it’s community’s finest:

1. “Stay Focused” – It’s easy to tune out on the treadmill (and by tune out, I mean guiltily tune in to Big Rich Texas and hope no one glances at your monitor.) It’s easy to daydream about puppies while doing laps in the pool (seriously, how cute is this?) BUT, the likes of Natalie Coughlin insist that if your workout has a distinct focus then it will inevitably prove more effective. Pick one thing to focus on. For instance, before getting in the pool, I might decide that I’m not going to breath coming off of any walls, and remain cognoscente of this goal for the entire swim workout. On the treadmill, I might decide to bump up the speed during every commercial break on Big Rich Texas (hypothetically, I mean, if you like that sort of thing…) and keep track of my pace from start to finish.

2.  “Manage Your Energy Pie” – There are only so many hours in the day, so decide what to prioritize. Want to make it easier to get yourself to Worcester Fitness? Block out an extra half hour and reward yourself with a post-workout steam room. Take advantage of all of the club’s little conveniences – from the moisturizer to the mouthwash. Take time to dry your hair before returning to the chilly outside world. My new favorite motivator is scheduling my workouts at Worcester Fitness at Saint Vincent Hospital  for 4:00 p.m. so I can watch the sunset over Union Station. Make happiness a priority as you set your workout goals.

3. “Take Risks” – For example, I love a guy who is secure enough to attend Zumba class at Worcester Fitness. To start, who wouldn’t want to dance around with a dozen of Worcester Fitness’ bonafide beauties? Moreover, who wouldn’t want a fabulous and fun workout? The point is, trying new things usually pays off. Have you tried Spinning? Yoga? Power Abs? The possibilities are endless…

4. Acknowledging that “the other guy is hurting too”: Think the lady on the treadmill next to you is making it seem easy (and darn it, she’s watching CNN – could she make us look any worse?) The odds are, she’s hurting too. People work hard to look and feel good. It’s nice to experience the camaraderie at Worcester Fitness where we’re “more than a gym,” we’re a community.


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