Aqua Girl- Fitting Into My Crazy Pants

sarah copyThe times in my life when I have been in the best shape, have been the times in my life when exercise felt the most fun (point in case: Worcester Fitness Team Training for the half-marathon). When I lose momentum, or take too long of a hiatus from the gym, I always have a hard time reminding myself how great those endorphins feel.

I had just started to get back into swimming at Worcester Fitness when my fall semester classes started up at BC. Gotta say, that Virginia Woolf class really sucks the joy out of splashing around. So, steeped in depressing modernist fiction, I’ve stayed on dry land for a few weeks and I find myself obsessively emptying the pockets of my overcoat when in close proximity to running water (sorry V, bad joke).

On Monday, I dragged myself to Zumba, one of the many fitness classes at Worcester Fitness, with nothing on my mind but the hope that someday this season I will feel slim enough to pull off harem pants, lacy blouses, or raucous high-waisted prints. Zumba is a perfect transition back into the workout world, because it feels more like a night out dancing than an after work obligation.

As soon as the music started I felt a Beyonce-style spirit taking over my body (ok, so it was more like PSY Gangnam Style, but whatever). Seriously, I felt beautiful, energized, and revitalized. Zumba heals like nothing else. I will be back.

Watch out man repellers! I’m coming for you…


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