Worcester Fitness and Calisthenics: Moving Yourself

bobWhen walking into any gym in the world today you will find a number of pumped up guys ( mostly steroid users) who seem to be “strong” because they have 18″ biceps and can push a heavy bar off of their chest.

But how many of them possess true power?

How many have great spine strength and flexibility, and are able to bend over backwards and touch the floor?
How many have the balance to squat all the way to the floor on one leg?
How many can execute a clean one arm pull up?
How many have the power to jump vertically over 30″?

Even though these guys seem to be the epitome of physical fitness, modern bodybuilders cannot perform any of the above mentioned body weight exercises. Although they may be able to pick up heavy weights and max out a machine, most are not able to functionally move their own bodyweight.the answer: probably none

Calisthenics: a form of exercise consisting of a variety movements, generally without using equipment or apparatus. They are intended to increase body strength and flexibility with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using only one’s body weight for resistance.

The possibilities with calisthenics are endless. Most exercises challenge the entire body as one, as opposed to most machines which isolate a single muscle group. When moving your own body weight, coordination and balance are enhanced. Two areas barely focused on in todays gyms.

But will calisthenics actually make me look stronger? You bet it will. You can get the most impressive physique from calisthenics..just look at the sculptures of ancient Greek and Roman athletes. Even more recent athletic greats such as Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, and Michael Phelps utilized body weight training to increase strength, quickness, and power.

Conventional bodybuilding is conducive to overeating. Magazines preach to eat a lot and take an unnecessary amount of protein supplements. If you are not on a steroid cycle, most peoples metabolisms are not powerful enough to turn all those extra calories into muscle. the end result is an over-nourished chubby physique. in calisthenics weight is not your friend. If your goal is to row 400 lbs., you could overeat and take massive amounts of protein and still be able to achieve this goal, even though you are tipping the scale yourself. but that same person probably will not be able to do a proper set of 10 pull-ups because all of that extra body weight is holding them down.

With Calisthenics you are never gym-less. You can perform a full routine within the confines of your bedroom. With body weight exercises you are literally the only thing keeping yourself from completing the next rep.

So take a little break from all the heavy weights, and move yourself!

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