Worcester Fitness Announces Peak Performance Training Launch Date

Dec 14, 2021

Beginning January 3, 2022, the Worcester Fitness Peak Performance Training program will officially launch at the club.

Peak Performance Training at Worcester Fitness is a multi-faceted training program for all ages and abilities, with a focus on fitness classes. We offer boot camp and strength based classes, 1 on 1 and small group personal training, as well as athletic performance training.

The primary goal of this small group training program is to provide the best adult fitness classes in 45 minutes or less, while using our team’s physical therapy background to reduce the likelihood of injury. From adult fitness to athletic performance, our certified training staff will utilize a variety of training methods to help our members achieve their goals. Our Peak Performance Training program includes:



Bootcamp class is designed to deliver a full body workout that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, build and tone muscle, and strengthen your core! We design our program focusing on constant movement while using body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and cardio equipment to give you a fun and effective workout that is appropriate for any level of fitness! Peak Boot Camp will be held seven days a week. Please check our schedule for exact times.



Power Metcon  is geared towards any fitness level that combines a dedicated focus on strength training as well as the high cardio output of a metabolic conditioning class. The primary strength block focuses on barbell lifts including deadlifts, squats, cleans and bench press among others. The metabolic block include wall balls, ropes, plyos, ab/core work, and cardio conditioning.

Peak Boot Camp will be held Monday through Saturday each week. Please check our schedule for exact times.



Join SGX Certified Trainer Tracy Riley for a program designed for those interested in competing in adventure races or looking for a physical or mental challenge. You don’t have to compete in the races to be part of this exciting and challenging Spartan Class. You’re an athlete, so let’s train like one!

Spartan Training will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please check our schedule for exact times.



Peak Performance Training at Worcester Fitness will now be included in two out of three options in our tiered membership program.

Standard Club Membership

Our Standard Club Membership will be $139/month. This option includes everything available to members in our basic membership plus eight Peak Performance Training classes per month and two Personal Training orientations/InBody sessions.

Premier Club Membership

Our Premier Club Membership will be $179/month and will include everything available top members in the Standard Club Membership along with unlimited Peak Performance Training classes each month as well as one quarterly InBody™ Fitness Analysis.

Basic Club Membership

Members will also have the option to choose our Basic Club Membership for $109/month.  Our Basic Club Membership includes full access to Worcester Fitness including our new Group Wellness Schedule and 1 Personal Training orientation/InBody™ Fitness Analysis. Our Basic Membership does not include any of the new Peak Performance Training classes. 


If you have questions about our new Peak Performance Training program, please email Kat Butterfield. We hope you are as excited about the Peak Performance Training program as we are!