What’s in my Gym Purse?

Aquagirl: top row, 4th from the right

One of the things that keeps me from hitting the gym after work is my morning rush. If I hit the snooze button just one too many times, my preparation window shrinks to such a fine margin that I have to choose between grabbing my sneakers or grabbing my car keys. The latter naturally wins out.

Come afternoon, I’m kicking myself for leaving my workout duds at home.

From the time I was twelve until I turned twenty-two, I spent every afternoon of my life at the pool (most mornings too.) With a coach and a team who relied on me, I’d never dream of skipping a workout. Now, I’m just that busy lady who forgot her sneakers.

There’s something to be said about the simplicity of the equipment necessary for a swim. For goodness sake, it’s one of the only sports that historically required NO equipment.

I’ve taken to keeping my suit, googles, and cap at the ready in my Longchamp. Rent a towel from the front desk for $1, and a girl can’t even excuse her way out of a workout. I always hop in thinking that I’ll just swim an easy thousand and call it a day, but I can never resist a good sprint at the end of my workout. Old habits die hard.

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