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Yoga with Jeanine – Class 2

Instructor: Jeanine Skorinko

Remember to take breaks whenever you feel as though your body needs one. Always drink plenty of water.

Why Exercise is So Helpful in Combating Addiction

By Jared HenryThe Beginning Four years ago, I entered a rehabilitation center for the second time. When I think back on the time that my life was consumed by alcohol and drugs, there were a few common denominators that shaped how my time was spent. The first two were depression and anxiety....

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Adapted Physical Activity

Looking back at my education and the activities that have led me to working at Worcester Fitness, it has almost in a sense been full circle. As I went through high school, playing sports, and working out, my vision was that I would be a personal trainer and 10 years later- here I am! My idea of...

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More Worcester Fitness Fit Tips

What Are Prebiotics?

Now that we have shed some light on probiotics, let's take a deeper dive into prebiotics.
Prebiotics are food ingredients that help encourage the growth of pre-existing healthy gut
bacteria. This may sound bad if you think all bacteria cause illness, however this is a GOOD
phenomenon, repopulating healthy populations of bacteria needed for digestion and absorption
of nutrients.

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What are probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that provide a nutritional benefit. They are created via the fermentation process, which sugar is feasted upon by yeast in an environment that lacks oxygen.

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The Sugar Debacle

A lot of people are unaware of hidden sources of added sugar. Non sweetened beverages, like teas, contain no sugar. Other teas can contain just as much sugar as a soda, so make sure to check the nutrient label!

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What Are Micronutrients?

The best way to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals is to eat a well rounded diet.

Here are 4 micronutrients to incorporate into your diet to help strengthen your immune system.

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March is National Nutrition Month – Change is In the Air!

In March we approach the first equinox of the calendar year, the season officially changes after the equinox passes. What a perfect time to make “changes” or improvements in our nutritional needs. March is officially National Nutrition Month…why not think about tossing those bad eating habits and jumping into spring with a fresh new start!

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