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2017 Wellness Series

Holistic Therapy

By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness
Worcester Fitness is proud to announce the first event in brand new Wellness Series!

Worcester Fitness presents a three-part series of interactive workshops that have been designed to teach healthy active people how to protect and care for their bodies. The Wellness Series will feature three skilled and qualified professionals and always meet in at the fun and encouraging environment at Worcester Fitness.

Holistic Therapy Techniques

​Thursday February 16th
6pm - 8pm
Non-Members - $5
featuring Jen Caron
Holistic Therapy Techniques​

Caring For Your Body with Holistic Medicine

Jennifer Caron is a Licensed Acupuncturist and founder of Body Therapeutics, an integrated holistic medical center in Worcester. She is also a proud member of the Worcester Fitness Running Team!

She earned her Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture (now part of MCPHS), and is licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.


Eight Years Experience

Jen has spent the last eight years running her holistic practice and furthering her acupuncture education in areas of pain management and women's health. Jen is also a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido, and spent many years teaching meditation and martial arts to children and adults at Zenshinkan Dojo before opening up her practice. She is also the smitten mother of two boys, ages six and four.

Worcester Fitness Wellness Series
Holistic medicine refers to therapies that treat the whole person with a conservative, natural approach.

Workshop Summary

Workshop Summary: Holistic medicine refers to therapies that treat the whole person with a conservative, natural approach. The team at Body Therapeutics consists of acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, and we also often collaborate with nutritionists, reflexologists, psychotherapists, personal trainers and others.

In this workshop we'll discuss in detail how some of these therapies can help your body achieve more optimal well-being, and you'll have an opportunity to experience acupuncture and group meditation first-hand. We'll also talk about how the integration of these holistic therapies can help you achieve greater results than doing just one in isolation.


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Andy Sharry information

Andy is the Director of Fitness and Wellness at Worcester Fitness. "Connecting people is my passion. I love to facilitate opportunities for humans to interact in positive ways in healthy, balanced endeavors. In my personal and public life, it's what I'm most proud of. The medals earned, weight lost, miles run are incredible feats. But, it all takes a back seat to the connections members of my team have forged. These are lifelong bonds, and I'm so proud be a major part of improving the lives of other people. Come see me at Worcester Fitness.