Alexis Hoffey Assistant Coach

Alexis is a recent graduate of Bryant University where she earned a dual degree in Team and Project Management as well as Communication. 

She has had a love for swimming since she first started swimming lessons at Worcester Fitness when she was only four!

Since then, she moved on to swim competitively from a young age all through her high school years. With her passion for swimming and enjoyment working with children, she quickly transitioned from competing to coaching. 

She first found the opportunity to coach six years ago working with the Holden Recreational Swim Team Program, the Holden Harpoons. She gained valuable experience working with a team of over 75 age group swimmers. Soon after, while attending Bryant, Alexis turned her focus on becoming a USA certified Swimming Coach and spent the past three years with the USA Bulldog Aquatics Club in Rhode Island coaching swimmers of all ages. 

From working with a team of over one hundred and fifty swimmers, she developed her skills as a competitive skills and stroke technique progression trainer where she helped strengthen the foundation of each swimmer she coached.

Alexis will be a great addition to the Worcester Fitness Flyers coaching staff where she brings another level of coaching experience. She looks forward to working with each of your swimmers. 

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