This Weeks Workouts


“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” —Michael Jordan

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Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Station 1
DB pec fly
DB seated military press
DB seated curl
seated alt leg crunch on bench
4 x 10 each

Station 2
15 cal cardio on each (runner, ski erg
bike, rower)

Station 3
box jump x 5
plank up/down x 6
slider jack knife x 12 (control)
STD half burpee x 5
leg swing s-s x 12
x 4 rounds tempo

Station 4
Wall Sit WB OH taps x10
WB OH toss (no step) x 10
WB russian twist x 10ea
WB rot slam x 10ea
x 4 rounds tempo

Station 5
KB swing x 10
2 KB clean to squat x 5
2 KB tall plank burpee x 5
KB up right row x 10
4 rounds tempo

Move on when done with station
accrue 5 min plank time during workout

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Station 1
DB OH swing x 10
DB rack squat x 8
EMOM x 8

WB rot toss x 5ea
WB slam x 10
EMOM x 8

quick switch s-s x 10
boarder hop x 10
EMOM x 8

ring knee up x 10
Slider push up fwd reach x 6
arm/leg crunch x 10
EMOM x 8

12 cal cardio
EMOM x 8

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Pyramid 30/15_45/15_60/15_45/15_30/15

High plank with alt toe touch
KB gob alt rev lunge
Broad jump fwd – 2 hops back
Full sit up with WB press
Bear hood with KB pull through
Lateral high knee x3 S-S
WB Spider-Man hop
DB skull crusher

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Station 1
Rope wave big alt arm
DB thruster
Sumo DB bent over row
1 min/15 x 2 rounds

Station 2
WB Chest pass
wall sit w/ WB s-s taps
WB skaters
1 min/15 x 2 rounds

Station 3
Fwd step up w/ hop (R first round, L second round)
pball dead bug pass
pball plank hold
1 min/15 x 2 rounds

Station 4
Cardio 15/20 cal
leg swing s-s
slider jack knife
1 min/15 x 2 rounds

Station 5
off-set KB push up
ring fallout
side plank hold (R first round, L second round)
1 min/15 x 2 rounds

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Alt. DB Snatch
MB Offset Push Ups (Split Reps)
TRX Jump Lunge
MB Over Shoulder
WB Rot. Toss (Power)
MB Slam
Sit Up to WB OH Toss
DB OH Tricep Ext.
Cardio x10cal or Dump Run
Countdown 20-10 Drop 2

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Station 1
Man maker x 5
DB pullover x 8
Rope slam big x 10
5 rounds AFAP

Station 2
WB alt twist toss x 10
WB slam x 10
JJ x 20
5 rounds AFAP

Station 3
Side step up w/ hop x 10ea
T-rotation x 10
Side leg drop x 10
5 rounds AFAP

Station 4
Cardio 50 cal

Station 5
KB goblet squat x 10
KB russian twist x 10
ring row x 10
5 rounds AFAP

45 min max

Dyanmic warmup 6 mins

Station 1
JJ x 100
diag crunch x 100
DB push press x 50
KB swing x 50
Tubing extension x 50
180 jumps x 50
leg lifts x 50
push up hop in-out x 100
alt side lunge w/ hop x 100
MB over shoulder toss x 50
cardio 50 cal
AFAP 45 min max


Dynamic warmup 6 mins

KB swing x 8
KB DL to goblet x 6
KB goblet squat x 4
KB swing alt lateral lunge x 8
1/2 TGU x 4ea
x 16 min tempo

Deadlift x 6
bar push up x 5 (slow tempo)
slider mount climbers on bar x 10 (slow tempo)
WB w/ catch x 10
x 16 min tempo

50 180 jumps
50 side burpee hops
50 diag crunch
50 skaters w/ floor touch
50 push up hop in-out
30 cal cardio

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Squat x6
TB Pallof Press x8ea
TB 1 Arm Punch in Lunge x8ea
Plank Up Downs x5ea
Heel Taps x20
x5 Rounds

2 DB OH Carry to PC

2 DB Bear Crawl x1 Length
Bar Hanging Leg Lift x 6
WB Rot. Toss (Power) x8ea
Rope Slam (Big) x15
Box Jump x4
x4 Rounds

2 DB OH Carry to PM

20 Second Max Speed Sprints
on T-Mill or Assault Bike x3 Rounds

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Push press x 4
10 TB tricep pulldown
EMOM x 11

clean x 4
slider jack knife x 10
EMOM x 11

20 cal Cardio
30 peak burpee
40 WB w/ catch
50 WB push up hop s-s
40 WB rot slam
30 leg lift
20 cal Cardio

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

RDL x6
Bar Rollout x4
KB Alt. curtsy lunges x4ea
KB TK to Stand x5ea
Bar Plank Hold w/ Alt. Arm Reach x5ea
x 5 Rounds

Bar High Pull x5
KB Goblet Carry to PC
Sled Pull x 1 Lap
KB Swing x10
Bear Hold w/ KB Pull Thru x8
KB Goblet Carry to PM
Repeat 3 Times

30 Cal Sprint/ Max Speed

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

Bench Press x6
DB Pullover x8
WB Peak Burpee to Slam x8
DB BO Row in Bear on Bench x5ea
Leg Crunch on Bench x12
DB Rev. Fly x6
2 DB Rack Fwd. Lunge x4ea
*Run Upstairs
10 Cal Cardio
x36 Min Tempo

Dynamic warmup 6 mins

DB pec fly x 8
DB bicep curl x 8
TB pull apart x 8
1 arm plank on bench w/ DB row x8 each
16 min tempo

back squat x 6
TB rev lung with row x 8 each
TB up chop x 8
1 arm KB clean to press x 4ea
16 min tempo

cardio x 10 cal
alt runner’s crunch x 12
leg lift x 14
jump lunge x 16
knee to opp elbow x 18
JJ x 20
5 rounds AFAP

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