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sarah copyCourtney Rubin published a great article in >The New York Times recently that delved into the “lifestyle branding” of a few NYC gyms. She explains that city gyms are expanding their retail offerings to include items like signature candles, nail polish, and cell phone covers. Imagine a sparkly blue polish to show your allegiance to Worcester Fitness…

It’s not all for show, cycling studios claim that instructors can better assess correct hand positioning when your nails are fluorescently lacquered. Soothing candles that burn during certain classes are meant to bring the familiar calm of your post-workout-buzz into the comfort of your own home. As for the cell phone covers, lace paneled leggings, and ombre scarves – one gym goer says, “When you love something, you want to have it with you in some way all the time.” I think our club’s members can fully grasp this concept, and while I wouldn’t turn up my nose at some Worcester Fitness bling, my health is the part of Worcester Fitness that I carry with me all of the time.

Some of these gyms are even selling their workout playlists on iTunes each week, but I’ll do you one better. Here’s what’s playing on Aquagirl’s iPod today:

Jebidiah Moonshine’s Friday Night Shack Party – Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound

Gone Gone Gone – Ladyhawke

Hang It Up – The Ting Tings

Let Go – The Japanese Popstars

Buick Mackane – T. Rex

About to Die – Dirty Projectors

Hell on Heals – Pistol Annies

Only Wanna Dance with You – Ke$ha

Telescope – Hayden Panettiere

*One last note: I’ve been pinning the heck out of Elle Fanning’s spring fashion spread for NY Mag. Check it out!  (That’s Worcester Fitness signature blue eye shadow if I ever saw it…)


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