Talk the Walk

sarah copyThe Greenstride Half Marathon in Newburyport was the perfect culminating race for Worcester Fitness’ Pavement Pack, but man, was it exhausting. I guess they all are. Now it’s time for my glorious return to the gym. Rested, recovered, cultured, and well fed – perhaps too much of the latter – I’m ready to get back on track.

I always try to cut myself some slack after a half marathon, but when my 8th graders opted to close out TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool with Nilofer Merchant’s talk about “sitting as the smoking of our generation,” I took it as a sign that the time has come to get back out there. Merchant points out that the average American sits more than he or she sleeps each day.

I had the opportunity to take Merchant’s advice last week in Miami. I walked and talked my way through the Wynwood street-art revolution on a three day tour, peppered with the likes of Shepard Fairey, Gaia, and Os Gemeos.

Once you start moving again, it’s difficult to stop (especially when you’ve got a great soundtrack.) Keeping me company on the treadmill this week will be the new Cults album, Sleigh Bells‘ new single, “Bitter Rivals,” and my most recent discovery, Good Old War.

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