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Thinking about starting a Workout Program?

By Andrea Shliapa

Have you been thinking about starting a workout program?

If you’ve never worked out before, the endless supply of information available on-line and in fitness and lifestyle magazines might make you feel like the only way to good health is either through a quick fix solution or equipment fad.

Or maybe you used to workout all the time. Then life sort of “got in the way” and your schedule barely made eating lunch every day possible. Either way getting started for the first time, or the first time in a long time can be challenging.

Here are five easy ways to introduce a new workout program into your life.

1)   The Basics

Most people are surprised to find out that making minor changes in diet and activity can produce some pretty significant results. Skip the morning bagel and cream cheese and save 390 calories a day. Over one month, you’ll have reduced your caloric intake by 10,920 calories. That converts to over 3 pounds a month!

As far as activity goes when you are starting out, it makes sense to do something easy to schedule. Simple things like taking the stairs, parking in distant parking spaces rather than right up by the door, walking on a treadmill…anything that increases the total amount of time you spend each day moving!

2)   Avoid “All or Nothing” Solutions! Avoid high-intensity, advanced training programs at the beginning. Don’t forget why you are doing this! You want to feel better and be healthier.

The best way to get in better shape is to workout regularly. Jumping into a program because your friend the bodybuilder swears by it will only leave you sore and on the sidelines. Ideally, starting out with a full fitness profile conducted by an Exercise Physiologist is the best way to get things kicked off.

A Personal Trainer will tell you exactly what your fitness levels are when you get started. This will give you the guidance you need to workout safely and effectively.

3)   Balance Nutrition and Activity

Most of the results that you get from working out will be directly associated with the nutritional quality of your diet. Consider meeting with a Nutritional Consultant for a fresh look at what you eat and when you eat.

You’ll be happy to learn that, in most cases, making minor changes to your diet can produce significant improvements in your health and fitness status.

4)   Stay Close

Whatever you decide to do to get yourself more active…don’t plan on doing it too far from home!

Statistics show that the vast majority of active people in America stay active and healthy by participating in health clubs, running clubs, yoga studios, etc. within 4-7 miles of their home.

If you are already involved in an exceedingly busy day, its unlikely that you’ll feel like extending it even more by driving another thirty-minutes to get to the health club or gym. Visit the gyms closest to your home. Better yet, pick one that you go by on you way to and from work!

5)   Stay Positive!

Starting a workout program can be challenging.

You can do this! You do so much for everyone else all day long…make time for yourself and you, and everyone else in your life, will be better for it!

Remember, set achievable goals, be around people that make you smile, and enjoy the process. You’ll be working out safely..and ENJOYING it more!

If you would like to schedule a fitness profile at Worcester Fitness like the one mentioned above, just email me today and I’ll set up an appointment for you!


jaimeIt is so difficult to fit three or four days of workouts into each week on a consistent basis.

I see people who do it all the time and I bow to you, you gods of scheduling, prioritizing and focus.  All of last week’s workouts just did not materialize for me…and I work at the gym, so I am here already. I have no excuse.  I cannot think to myself,  well the traffic is bad, I am just going to head home and not stop at the gym or shut off the alarm and think I will go tomorrow instead of today.  I am here everyday and I try and come in early two days a week to work out and work out on my lunch hour on two other days.  Last week the details that got in the way of my workout were a physical for my child, CPR class and I really, really (no, really) had to clean my house.

This week I will be better.  I will be looking to all of you to continue to inspire me to use my time more wisely (maybe I can cut out Castle and NCIS:Los Angeles), prioritize myself and my health, and keep focused on my goal of being healthy (or my vanity of trying to look more in shape).  I do wonder to myself, though, do your houses look like mine did last week?