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jaimeIt is so difficult to fit three or four days of workouts into each week on a consistent basis.

I see people who do it all the time and I bow to you, you gods of scheduling, prioritizing and focus.  All of last week’s workouts just did not materialize for me…and I work at the gym, so I am here already. I have no excuse.  I cannot think to myself,  well the traffic is bad, I am just going to head home and not stop at the gym or shut off the alarm and think I will go tomorrow instead of today.  I am here everyday and I try and come in early two days a week to work out and work out on my lunch hour on two other days.  Last week the details that got in the way of my workout were a physical for my child, CPR class and I really, really (no, really) had to clean my house.

This week I will be better.  I will be looking to all of you to continue to inspire me to use my time more wisely (maybe I can cut out Castle and NCIS:Los Angeles), prioritize myself and my health, and keep focused on my goal of being healthy (or my vanity of trying to look more in shape).  I do wonder to myself, though, do your houses look like mine did last week?

sarah copyI’m a chatter; cabs, elevators, checkout lines, and locker rooms are where I do my best work.

Yesterday, amid my Worcester Fitness locker room routine, I met a fellow club member who admitted that Worcester Fitness is not her only gym – she also belongs to one of those $20 chains with locations all over the country. You see, she travels a lot for work, and this other gym is within walking distance of her house.

She shared, “Friends sometimes ask me why I bother to keep up with my Worcester Fitness membership when my other gym is so much more convenient, and I tell them, ‘There’s just something about this place.’”

I agreed, adding that if I have to torture myself on the treadmill, I might as well do it somewhere that feels like home.