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As we enter into our 40th year, we at Worcester Fitness can look back on a long history of connecting with our community with fondness and pride.  We've always held the fundamental belief that it is our responsibility as a local company to play a leadership role in supporting local charitable organizations who look to us for assistance.  We are a family owned and operated health and wellness club located in Worcester, and we've been here for 40 years.  Our Worcester roots run deep, and we're proud of that.  Staff and members affectionately refer to us as Worcester Fitness Nation.  In 2017, we in the nation answered the call and delivered help to those in need. 
2017 may have been our finest year for giving back.  When discussing charity and giving back, we are not just referring to the monetary and in-kind donations to countless causes that we make as a company.  We're talking about the time, effort and money that our members race to offer those who need it the most.  We believe in charity, and love providing the platform for our members to give, but it's the generosity and compassion of our members that drives our philanthropic efforts forward.  2017 saw more than $75,000 raised and donated.  $75,000 in one year, generated by this little health club on Grove Street and it's friendly, kind and generous members!  $75,000 that went to local partners in need such as Ivy Child International, Worcester Animal Rescue League, Why Me/Sherry's House, Veterans Inc, Dana Farber Cancer Center, American Cancer Society, Mary Beth Benison Foundation, Fit Club Foundation, Planting the Seed FoundationAbby's House and Homes for Our Troops.  

Staff and members are also strongly involved with the Worcester Public School Mini-Olympics program where we volunteer our time to cheer and support athletes in the Fall and Spring events.  We also provide uniforms for all students who participate, with over 35 colors unique to each school so the young athletes can proudly unify while representing their school.

We raised our money in unique and fun ways like our seasonal Touch the Tower  Run/Walk to Bancroft Tower and back.  Our annual Spin-a-Thon held every March has raised $31,000 in the last two years.  Our new Knock-out 90 breast cancer event was held in October and is sure to become a big part of our annual fundraising campaigns.  When two Worcester Fitness members were diagnosed with devastating cancer, Worcester Fitness Nation held a big bash and raised money to assist them in their drive to get well.  Our monthly Yoga for A Cause events raised money for several small, local agencies in Worcester.  The Worcester Fitness Running Team traveled to the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. and raised $34,000 for Homes for Our Troops.  Our year was capped off with our Merry Midnight Madness ultimate fitness and endurance event, we finished the year in style putting us well over $75,000 raised in 2017.

2018 is our 40th year, and we have planned a wonderful series of unique, fun, exciting, and innovative ways to engage our members while making significant contributions to local charities right here in Worcester.  For more on our connection to the community, past and future events, please contact me, andy@worcesterfitness.com


Did you know that Worcester Fitness offers team building programs? Our StrongTeam™ training program is the perfect combination of motivational coaching and group fitness training.

Recently, Andy Sharry and Meg Paradis conducted a session with Wachusett Regional High School's Girl's Vollyball Team that included a rocking spin class taught by Andy and Meg followed by a motivational discussion on the power of THE TEAM.

We are looking forward to working with YOUR team or business group! Contact Andy Sharry to schedule a StrongTeam™ Session at Worcester Fitness for your team!

Our Athletes Rock the Weekend!

By Roland Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness 

For years now, Worcester Fitness has described itself as a "club without walls"...with good reason!

To us, membership to Worcester Fitness means significantly more than coming to the club a few days each week and using the equipment. We are "More than a Gym!" Our memberships are more about the love and passion that EVERYONE in Worcester Fitness Nation has not only for fitness, but also for each other!
Our club has NO WALLS because our members become friends, teammates, supporters, coaches and collaborators inside the building AND beyond the walls of Worcester Fitness.

One Weekend

Saturday April 29, 2017 and Sunday April 30, 2017- one particular weekend that has become the single best example of what it means for Worcester Fitness to be a club without walls. Our members were competing in events all over New England, New Jersey and Nevada! Outside the club. Competing as one, winning as a TEAM.

Worcester Fitness Nation's Deb Servidio powers through the Spartan Beast Race in New Jersey
Worcester Fitness Nation's Deb Servidio powers through the Spartan Beast Race in New Jersey.

Incredibly, there were (at least) FIVE different events held the weekend of April 29 and April 30 that featured Worcester Fitness athletes!

These events included:

• Spartan Beast in New Jersey
Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon and Half-Marathon
• Craft Brew 5k
• Jay Lyons 5k
Tarentino Strong Roadrace

That's an incredibly impressive weekend of accomplishments. It's also a perfect example of just how active, committed and passionate members of Worcester Fitness Nation are- not just about exceptional fitness and athletic performance, but more importantly, how they see their role as strong community leaders and advocates for important causes close to their heart.

Worcester Fitness Nation and the Craft Brew 5K
Worcester Fitness Nation Craft Brew 5K participants Molly Eastman Burnham and her sister Lexy.

Their Stories

"Participating in this race was a real gut check and eye opening experience. The level of unselfish, caring and concern shown by participants was extraordinary. Commitment to complete this race was everybody's goal irregardless of injury or illness. As we were ascending a steep hill, there was this one girl that was wearing shorts in the design of an American flag, obviously having difficulty. As she reached the crest of the hill, she collapsed to the ground with several people running to her aid including WFST members. She was having a pretty bad asthma attack. After assisting her with water, food and her nebulizer we continued on our way thinking, "sucks that she won't be able to finish". Well, a few hours later we crossed paths with this girl again. She explained that she had two asthma attacks but was determined to finish the race so she could give her medal to her friend who could not compete as a result of a recently diagnosed illness. Adversity defined."
"At the 11 mile mark, a WFST member became hampered with an excruciating knee injury. Despite the injury she was determined and pushed and carried on until finish. But it's Wht happened from this point on that defined the team. One member took it upon himself to give up his pack, put her on his back and proceeded to run downhill over rocky terrain to give her knee a rest. This would go on a few more times during the remainder of the race. Then, another member went into the woods and emerged with the perfect walking stick. Finally, the team was encouraged to move on by the injured member to finish the race, but they refused too leave her side. They encouraged her to keep pushing on. To the commitment to each other, they finished together. Coach Riley met the injured member at the crest of the final hill and assisted her to the finish line."
"The rope climb was the final obstacle before the fire jump. After just finishing two previous difficult obstacles in a row, the bucket carry and the twister, the rope climb was going to be a bitch. Mark Huard began the rope climb and it became obvious he was slowing as he got near the top. He stopped at one point about 2 arms lengths away from that cow bell just staring down to the ground. He had met his moment of adversity. He was was like hanging there for an eternity deciding what he was going to do. With the encouragement from his team members below, he found the inner strength to grab those 2 arm lengths to ring that FU'kn bell. Adversity at its best."
Gerry Montiverdi- Worcester Fitness Spartan Team Training


Worcester Fitness Takes the TEAM GYM award at the Jay Lyons 5K!
Worcester Fitness Takes the TEAM GYM award at the Jay Lyons 5K!

"WF Spartan Team completed NJ Beast, 13.8 miles, over 4000 ft of elevation changes, 32 challenging obstacles defining teamwork, adversity and perseverance !"

Gerry Montiverdi - Worcester Fitness Spartan Team Training

"(I finished in) 27:33 in Jay Lyons and won raffle (prize) for (free entry fee for the) Wachusett Mountain Race! (Plus) Worcester Fitness Team Award!"

David Lamontagne - Worcester Fitness Running Team

"I did a 33:11(finish) at (the) Jay Lyons (5k)!"
Kelly Chandley - Worcester Fitness Running Team

"29:06 (finish) at Craft Brew (5k)."
Katie McCartin - Worcester Fitness Running Team

"31:15 finish at the Craft Brew Race. I had a really hard time with the heat."
Amanda Gregoire - Worcester Fitness Running Team

"I ran Tarentino! Not sure of my time...but i didn't pass out so thats my victory!"
Stacey Pignataro - Worcester Fitness Running Team

Worcester Fitness Team Spartan Training Team at the Spartan Beast April 29
Worcester Fitness Team Spartan Training Team at the Spartan Beast April 29

You belong here.

Not everyone is cut out for 13 plus miles of obstacle racing or even running a 5K.
BUT, if you ever even had a passing thought, deep inside your mind, that maybe, JUST MAYBE you'd like to try...then the incredibly supportive and powerful people that you will meet at Worcester Fitness will help get you to YOUR finish line.
That's what Worcester Fitness is all about- winning TOGETHER.

Thank you to each and every one of our amazing Worcester Fitness Athletes. Every class participant, every training client...everyone who walks through our doors. You are all incredible athletes and it is our immense privilege to serve you.

If you are interested in Worcester Fitness, we want to meet you!

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3M Yoga Returns for Summer Sessions

As we age, our bodies become more and more used to postures and positions that may not be conducive to flexibility and pain free living.

Youth affords us all many physical benefits. One of the most important physical features of youth often taken for granted is a natural tendency to be flexible in major muscle areas. Think about how easy it was when we were younger to jump up from a chair or twist our bodies to pick something up.

As years go by, our bodies become a bit more “accepting” of the sedentary nature of our lives by adapting to hours of sitting or repetitive motion. Our muscles begin to tighten and our range of motion begins to shrink. Then one day, you find yourself in serious pain after simply reaching for a coffee cup.

There is some good news though!

The human body is always up for some change! All we have to do is commit to a well thought out and well paced transition from inflexible to flexible. Warming up muscles before stretching, making sure to change positions frequently during the day, avoiding sitting in a chair for more than an hour without standing up, etc.

Worcester Fitness is now offering a fantastic new program that will speed up your transition into a more flexible, healthier body. It’s called 3M Yoga™.

3M Yoga™ is taught by our own Denleigh Grniet who has dedicated her professional life to fitness, wellness and health. Denleigh has worked with hundreds of clients during her career concentrating on a extremely effective blend of yoga sensibilities and cardio and strength conditioning. 3M Yoga™ is something that Denleigh feels can help mature fitness enthusiasts become stronger and more flexible, even if they have NEVER taken a yoga class before.

3M Yoga™ is a gentle yoga class that will improve balance, flexibility, foot health, range of motion, mobility, mind, and overall health. You can participate in this class in either a floor or chair setting.

Remember the three “M’s” for 3M Yoga™ – Movement for the Mature Muscles. If you are older, 3M Yoga is the perfect way to get introduced to yoga!

Eight Week Series Staring June 2

June 2 – July 30 Thursdays at 9:30am

Members: $64 Paid In Full, Drop In: $9

Non-Members: $76 Paid In Full, Drop In: $12


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.20.02 PM

Ace Borelli has been a member of Worcester Fitness for three years. Ace recently took second place in her first bodybuilding competition.   

Worcester Fitness Member Places at Top in First Ever Bodybuilding Competition

What makes Worcester Fitness different from other health clubs? I joined Worcester fitness when I was new to the area and at that point I didn’t know too many people. I was drawn in by the facility itself, but the staff is what really sold me. At Worcester Fitness, you are welcomed by not just one person, but a whole group and it never feels forced – it’s genuine.

What does a typical workout at Worcester Fitness look like for you? I usually try to do fasted-cardio first thing in the morning, four times per week. My weight training varies depending on what day of the week it is and what muscle groups I’m trying to hit. My coach has a lot of trust in me, so I have a lot of freedom with my workouts. I am always trying to change things up and take it to the next level.

Can you tell us a bit about your first experience as a competitive bodybuilder? When you’re training for a competition of that nature, it can be very alienating. Being on such strict workout and nutrition regimens can make normal relationships and interactions much more difficult. Fortunately, I had a great support team to make training that much easier; I learned a great deal about myself in the process. In this sport, it’s easy to find yourself stuck inside your own head. The mind can be a vain and confusing place. Regardless, there’s no better feeling in the world than stepping on that stage and being able to show what all of your hard work and dedication has accomplished.

Do you plan to take part in future bodybuilding competitions? After my first competition, I decided to take a lengthy off-season to try and put on some size. I hope that by doing so I’ll be able to bring an even meaner, leaner package to the stage this June at The INBF Northeast Classic.

What was your favorite part of the competition? The best part of the competition for me was definitely getting to meet all the other competitors and hear their stories. It’s hard to understand what the journey entails for someone who wants to get up on that stage and not only participate, but place. It was oddly comforting to know that I wasn’t alone and that there are lots of people out there (almost) as crazy as I am.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working out? EATING. I’m totally serious! I love the gym, but just like any other competitor, I love food. When I can, I love to go out and have a good time with the important people in my life.

Worcester Fitness 5K for Planting the Seed Foundation

A Road Race to Benefit Worcester’s Children

In August of 2013, Worcester Fitness held the inaugural Worcester Fitness 5K, which donated all of the net proceeds to Worcester’s 100% volunteer Planting the Seed Foundation.

It was an amazing event and resulted in a donation to Planting the Seed Foundation from the members of Worcester Fitness Nation of nearly $6,000!

This year, we are anticipating an even bigger race day!

Join us on Thursday evening August 14 at Worcester Fitness for our second annual Worcester Fitness 5K! We need your support to make this event as special as last year. Please take a moment to register for the race or even make a small donation.

Joining Worcester Fitness is Worcester’s legendary Beechwood Hotel and Ceres Bistro. Beechwood Hotel has generously agreed to become the races Presenting Sponsor and has made a significant donation to Planting the Seed Foundation.

“Beechwood Hotel is thrilled to begin our new relationship with Worcester Fitness and Planting the Seed Foundation,” said Beechwood Hotel General Manager Mario Cuevas, “We see this as the beginning of an extremely valuable and important partnership.”

Beechwood Hotel

Ceres Bistro

Planting the Seed Foundation is the official non-profit organization of Worcester Fitness Nation!

I want to register! REGISTER HERE

I want to support Planting the Seed Foundation! MAKE A DONATION

Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 14, 2014 – 6:30 PM EDT

440 Grove Street Worcester Massachusetts 01605

Race Course – Worcester Fitness Certified 5K course around Indian Lake, Worcester, MA

• Official WF5K Tech T-Race Shirt (pre-registered participants only)

• Live Music by Worcester’s own, “How Bizzare”

• Awards

• Children’s Events

• Water Station

• Free Downloads of Race Photography

• Post Race Summer Cookout!


By Laura Cosenza

There comes a time when you look at your exercise routine and realize you need to step it up. With that said the new HD classes at WF came at the perfect time for me.

I took full advantage of the demo classes but quickly found myself gravitating towards the shotobody & shotocamp. I can’t explain why I signed up for those classes but I can honestly say I love them! Shotobody is different than anything I typically take at the gym, it’s physically and mentally challenging .

During the class I’m learning shotokan karate moves integrated with calisthenics. These two exercise/techniques together create the ultimate work out routine. My upper body is getting stronger along with my core with the repetitive karate moves I’m learning. The shotocamp has already proven to challenge me in ways I did not expect. Its a boot camp style work out with karate moves. This is a huge perk, knowing how to defend yourself and getting in shape all at the same time.

The best part of all of this is the individual attention you receive in the HD classes. The groups are small so the trainers have the ability to correct your form, see when your struggling and modify, and best of all see when your slacking off and cheating yourself out of a good work out.

I encourage anyone looking to step it up or just shake up their current routine to try one of the Shoto HD classes. I guarantee you’ll be stronger, healthier and happier you did.

andreasIt’s easy to point at the things we come across every day that negatively impact our lives.

•Stress •Smoking •Alcohol •Fast food •Lack of sleep

They are all just part of a very long list of things that have serious impact on our health and wellbeing.

But what about fitness?

What effect can a fitness boost at Worcester Fitness have on our every day life.

It turns out that being fit not only makes us look better and feel great, it also boosts the way we think, the way we cope and the way we problem solve.

According to researchers at Duke University who studied people suffering from depression for 4 months  found that 60% of the participants who exercised for 30 minutes three times a week overcame their depression without using antidepressant medication.  This is the same percentage rate as for those who only used medication in their treatment for depression.

Worcester Fitness offers hundreds of different kinds of fitness classes and training programs designed to boost your fitness and your ability to cope with everyday challenges.

Give your fitness a boost today at Worcester Fitness!

(“Mental Health Benefits of Exercise” was written by Jennifer C. Panning and published in the Find Counseling.com (formerly TherapistFinder.net) Mental Health Journal in November, 2000.



sarah copyI’m a chatter; cabs, elevators, checkout lines, and locker rooms are where I do my best work.

Yesterday, amid my Worcester Fitness locker room routine, I met a fellow club member who admitted that Worcester Fitness is not her only gym – she also belongs to one of those $20 chains with locations all over the country. You see, she travels a lot for work, and this other gym is within walking distance of her house.

She shared, “Friends sometimes ask me why I bother to keep up with my Worcester Fitness membership when my other gym is so much more convenient, and I tell them, ‘There’s just something about this place.’”

I agreed, adding that if I have to torture myself on the treadmill, I might as well do it somewhere that feels like home.

sarah copyI’m a little bit obsessed with Elf for Health’s newsletter that shoots me a healthy reminder on the daily during this vulnerable holiday season. Challenges posed include simple tasks like: “Pack a healthy snack today,” or “Run a mile as fast as you can.”

One of my students blew my mind in a recent speech where she mused – “Music has changed my life, can it change yours?” For me, music’s most empowering moments always take root mid-workout.  What’s on my iPod? The Blow (also one of NPR’s 2013 faves) is killing it right now.


afigWell, we weren’t really hanging out, but in an intimate setting such as the Hanover Theater, it feels like your hanging out.  Especially when so much of what she said hit home for me, it was like we were talking one on one. Last night, my friend Karen and I took in Jillian’s one man show “Maximizing Your Life”.  I thought I’d share with you a few key points that resonated with me…

Now, you either love her or hate her.  I, personally, appreciate her no nonsense delivery style.  This was most evident when she shared with everyone the secret to weight loss…the keys to the kingdom….Eat Less, Move More.  Well, I guess we should already know that.  And if it was as easy as that, she’s be out of a job, so what’s the catch?  Well, like most things, it’s about balance.  The right amount to calories coming and the right amount being used up.  And more than anything else, the mental part of weight loss is the most challenging.  So, how do we set ourselves up for success?

You need to have key people in your life that will support you.  If you don’t have any currently, find some.  Make friends at the gym or in a healthy cooking class, or join health minded groups on social media.  People that want you to succeed are out there! I mean, look at Worcester Fitness…every single person you see walking around in a blue WF team shirt wants you to be successful.  Instructors, Trainers and fellow members are all here to live more healthfully.  Harness that energy and make your success happen!

Gain knowledge. Hook up with a trainer, ask questions and do research. Jillian did a big spiel on nutrition, which got me super jazzed about our upcoming Eating at Worcester Fitness program! There is so much information and mis-information out there.  Knowledge is power!

Identify your WHY.  Why do I want to be healthier? Why do I want to lose weight? Why do I want to be stronger.  I actually Facebooked about this the other day.  I know my why and that makes staying on track easier.

Face your fears.  Fears are what will hold us back.  By avoiding our fears, they will eventually manifest themselves.  Take for example, a job you may want.  If you don’t go after it because you are afraid you will be rejected and not get the job offer, the very thing you are afraid (not getting that job) will come true! If you don’t try, you won’t get it. Your fear is manifesting itself.  It took me a second to get what she was saying but it makes perfect sense now.

And lastly, redefine your story.  You don’t have to be the person you don’t want to be.  Destiny is a series of choices, not chances. The path may be bumpier for some of us, but you deserve your best version of you! We get one shot at this life.  Make it count!


afigSo tomorrow is “Cardio Tuesday”.  Not that it’s much different than, say, “Cardio Friday” but I use Tuesday to refocus my efforts after the weekend.  And, well, Mondays are reserved for catching up with my gym friends so, admittedly, my workouts are not exemplary.  I tend to dread doing just cardio.  I prefer other ways to get my heart rate up through circuit training, HIIT training, or an awesome session with Team dieZel.  (I’m recently obsessed with flying push up burpees down the 53 yard hall downstairs) But I’m actually looking forward to my time with the elliptical these days.  I’ve started a new way to get thru the drones of plodding along.  Give it a shot if you’re in the same boat.

Lets take, for example, a 45 minute run on the elliptical.  Every 10 minutes I jump off and bang out 10 push ups.  By the end of my cardio session, I’ve racked in 50 push ups.  The combination of strength and cardio is not only a winner, but it makes my time go by faster.  Plus, you have a small window of time to hop off, do your push ups, and jump back on while resuming your workout stats.  So there’s a push there to “git er done”.  And in each 10 minute stretch, I vary my resistance.  So if I max the machine out at a 20 resistance for 10 minutes, I’ll back down about 30% for my next round and then back up and so on.

You can do this with walking, running, or arc training.  Try sit ups, oblique twists, burpees…. any way to keep you motivated and moving!

(While we are sort of on the topic of resistance, remember that the momentum of machine with move your body for you if you let it.  If you’re going mach 10 with little resistance, you’re not doing yourself any good. Dial in, people!  Resistance is key.  Can I get an “amen!” )