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Self Defense

By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness
Worcester Fitness is proud to welcome 5th degree Aikido Black belt and instructor Bob Caron to the second of our our three-part Wellness Series.

Bob was the chief instructor of Zenshinkan Dojo (an Aikido and Zen school in Worcester) for 18 years. Caron Sensei has trained with many of the foremost experts of modern Aikido including his late teacher Fumio Toyoda Shihan, founder of the Aikido Association of America, and his current teacher, Ed Germanov Sensei, founder of the Bulgarian Aikido Association. He has taught seminars and workshops on Aikido, self-defense, Zen and leadership trainings nationwide. Caron is also a Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences and is an Assistant Professor at Assumption College, where he teaches Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Studies. Caron Sensei emphasizes a holistic approach to self-defense where practical techniques are supported by emotional skill and spiritual development.

Worcester Fitness Self Defense Seminar
Caron will introduce you to fundamental concepts and skills...

Self Defense Introduction

​Thursday March 16th
6pm - 8pm
Non-Members - $5
featuring Bob Caron

Workshop Summary

In this Introduction to Self-Defense Workshop, Caron will introduce you to fundamental concepts and skills that are necessary to ward off an aggressive attack. The workshop will be based on Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art grounded in non-violent conflict resolution but will also embrace basic modern self-defense concepts that are not Aikido-based. You will work in pairs and groups practicing techniques to release grips and grabs as well as apply basic principles against a striking attack. Discussion of safety skills like awareness, presence and using your intuition will be included.