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Nicole Apelian


Nicole Apelian


"Having the right mindset was my new best friend."


Nicole Apelian has been personal training with Fitness Director Andy Sharry five days each week over the last eighteen months. Nicole came to Worcester Fitness when she was at her physically weakest point, barely finished with her cancer treatments and sapped of her usual strength and energy. But, with a very strong spirit.  Nicole enjoyed her training sessions with Andy and within just a few short weeks, she was achieving monumental accomplishments.

"Nicole lifts weights, runs and jumps unlike anyone else I train." says Andy,  "Despite her petite statute, I don't train anyone who can bench press, squat or overhead press more than this 110 pound beast-combination of determination and grit."  Andy and others at Worcester Fitness are inspired by Nicole, and the manner in which she has handled her adversity.
"She just comes in with a smile, works her tail off, and does this days after day." says Andy,  "She respects her illness but also isn't defined by it, or limited in any way by it.  I really look forward to my time with Nicole."
Nicole’s story should emphasize to all of us the importance of being fully aware of your family medical history and mindful of the changes in your own body. Breast cancer has afflicted many people in Nicole’s family. She has been diligent about getting routine checkups every six-months since she turned twenty-five years old.
It was in the time between one of those biannual visits that she felt a lump in her breast and immediately scheduled to see her doctors. 
"That day in July of 2015 my whole entire world was forever changed." Nicole adds emphatically, "I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I was in the best shape of my life. Training five days a week, eating right, and  my daughter was starting kindergarten. how could this happen to me? I was feeling a million different emotions but fear wasn't one of them. Having the right mindset was my new best friend. It got me through surgery, chemo, and it got me out of bed even on my sickest days. Today I feel the best I've ever felt and with the right mindset I won't have it any other way!"
Nicole now enjoys her time with her husband Dan and daughter Samara, who is enrolled in swim lessons at Worcester Fitness and occasionally accompanies her Mom in personal training sessions with Andy.  "A  healthy lifestyle is something I want to instill in Samara so she has a love for swimming, running, playing and being active and Worcester Fitness is a place she really enjoys being."

Pedal to End Cancer Update

By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness
Thanks to the incredible commitment and determination of the entire family at Worcester Fitness Nation, we are completely sold out for the Sunday March 5, 2017 Pedal to End Cancer spin event. Amazing!

We are now in serious "fundraising mode". Our goal is to be the number one producing club in our area.
With your help...we will make this happen!

Worcester Fitness Pedal to End Cancer
Cancer is a fierce opponent, but our company is committed to helping the American Cancer Society raise awareness about what we can do, together, to help end this disease.

2017 PTEC Team!

We're full!! 22 Bikes have been reserved!!!!
We're in 3rd Place at $3,435 with 61 donations.
We trail Paxton Sports and Tennis Center by $300, and we are the only two clubs in Central MA participating.
22 bikes at $300 per bike puts us at a guaranteed $6600.
Last year we hit over $11,000.00.
Worcester Fitness has raised $94,000 in the history of Pedal to End Cancer, that's easily in the top 10 nationwide.

Can we put a little push into fundraising and break through $11,000? It won't be easy, but together we can do it.

Libby O'Hara
Kerry Mulchahy
Deb Servideo
Gerry Motiverdi
Rich Gaitani
Louise O'Neill
Mark Huard
Charlie Leblanc, Brian Babine, Peter Lombardo
Kylee Shliapa
Jim Andreoli
Lindsay Demers
Kate Sharry, Molly Eastman Burnham, Jillian Moriarty
Todd McDonald, David Lamontagne
Nick Jackson
Jane Jackson
Laura Cosenza, Elisa Bernier
Leslie Andreoli
Rob Loring
Annette Loring
Cheryl Nathan
Paul King
Marianne Dadokian

Worcester Fitness January Blog
Photo Credit - Kill the Ball Media

Fundraising Tips!

Be personal with your requests.
Tell a story, make sure you ask for the money.
Update your fundraising page to ensure it has a photo of you and your own story.
While the generic posts to social media are quick and easy, they lack that personal touch.
Pick 30 people in your email address book that you have a connection with and send them a request for a donation.
Send Facebook Private Messages to your close friends asking them for $25.00.
Ask everyone you've ever donated to make a donation.
Facebook is filled with boring requests for money, so make you request stand out!


Worcester Fitness Touch the Tower 2

Photography by Kill the Ball Media

Last night, Worcester Fitness Running Team hosted Touch the Tower 2, a Run/Walk that celebrates our amazing running community here in Worcester!

Great night in support of Why Me Sherry's House! Why Me is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to providing love and support services to families with childhood cancer.

Thank you for joining us!