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Runniversary 2016!

YEAR 1 in the books!

Last Sunday, the Worcester Fitness Running Team celebrated our first anniversary at Coach Andy's! It was a great day for a group walk and an outdoor breakfast. It was also an amazing opportunity to share the victories the team has experienced in YEAR 1! So many great moments...thank you all! Join the Worcester Fitness Running Team OR purchase a membership as a gift for the runner in your life!

Thanksgiving Throw Down!

Workout before your feast!

Worcester Fitness has the perfect group exercise schedule for Thanksgiving morning! The club is open from 7am-12pm. We're looking forward to seeing you on this very special day!

Here's what's on our menu!

Walk Like a Turkey  
7:30-8:15 with Picky
(three-mile walk around Indian Lake)

ApplePie Bootcamp
8:30-9:15  with Denleigh

Gobble ‘n Spin
9:15-10:15 with Meg

Stuffin' the Pool
9:15-9:45 with Picky

CardioSport Cranberry Bread
10:00-11:00 with Picky

It is recommended that you pre-register for all classes!                

Worcester Fitness Thanksgiving Day Schedule
Worcester Fitness Thanksgiving Day Schedule

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Worcester Fitness Indoor Swimming Pool