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Teen Athletes and the Benefits of Sports Specific Training

Andrea Shliapa

By Andrea Shliapa

The days of waiting all winter for the ground to finally thaw and dry out enough for pre-season baseball practice are long gone. Five hours of fielding ground balls or double-play drills until the sun go down used to be about as far as sports conditioning would go for teens playing organized baseball.

These days, our teenage athletes get the benefit of millions of dollars of research and development in the field of sports conditioning and physiology usually reserved only for athletes at the highest level of their respective sports.

Does it change the games they play?

For some young athletes whose bodies have developed a little more quickly than their peers, the enhanced training will generate increased lean muscle mass and lower body fat with relatively low risk of injury.

Any young adult with on-line access can obtain virtually any professional athlete’s training program. Also readily available to them are countless nutritional programs, some designed specifically for the sport they are most interested in.

These programs won’t turn the average teenager into Lebron James or Andrew Luck, but they will motivate them to investigate further how they can change their fitness style to achieve greater results on the playing field.

But is unsupervised teen training the most effective, most reliable method to achieve improved results?

Worcester Fitness has always been the areas primary resource for safe and effective fitness and training programs. Our emphasis has always been on keeping the body injury-free and ready for long-term results. Our team is focused only on your body, not what the body of a famous, multi-million dollar athlete with ten hours a day to train and eat perfectly.

If you are a young adult looking to generate better results in your favorite sport, we recommend that you try our newest premier training program HD Teen Sport Conditioning.

With HD Training, you will maximize your performance in whatever sport you choose to concentrate on. Imagine increased endurance, increased strength and increased power…all through a very safe and very effective personally coached training program.

Best of all, our teen HD training concentrates on teaching you to avoid injury through proper form, time-tested safety strategies and proven rest and revitalization techniques.

Your body will be faster, stronger and best of all your health and fitness levels will be the best they have ever been!

Try HD Teen Sport Specific Training at Worcester Fitness and get the edge you’ll need to not only play better, but also enjoy the game more!


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