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andrea shliapa Worcester Fitness

By Andrea Shliapa

Worcester Fitness is famous for a lot of things.

One of the things we are MOST famous for is that we are a great health club that likes to have as much fun as possible, as often as possible

Introducing the MacDonald’s Tavern Summer Run Series!

Beginning June 4th, MacDonald’s Tavern will host a weekly Wednesday night run, once around our certified 5K course (or as Worcester Fitness nation calls it “running Indian Lake”).

The runs will be lead by our own USTAF Coach, and veteran marathon athlete Bob Bourassa. Bob will make sure you are getting the absolute most out of your run!

Then…it’s back to MacDonald’s Tavern to share a drink with your friends, tell running stories and generally enjoy yourself while watching the Red Sox (schedule permitting 😉

The MacDonald’s Tavern Summer Run Series is twelve weeks…with only one week off, July 2, so you’l get used to regularly scheduled runs AND be ready for all the exciting fall Worcester 5k’s!

If you finish a “six-pack” of runs (6 weeks), then you will get an awesome t-shirt that tells other runners on the street that you are proud to be on a “beer run”.

The Details!
Where: Worcester Fitness on Grove Steeet
When: Wednesdays at 6PM

$5.00 for non-members
No charge for members!

So live a little! Run with the other great members of Worcester Fitness nation, share a drink afterwards and enjoy the summer…it goes by fast.

Interested? Sign up using the form below.

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