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Worcester Fitness Touch the Tower 2

Photography by Kill the Ball Media

Last night, Worcester Fitness Running Team hosted Touch the Tower 2, a Run/Walk that celebrates our amazing running community here in Worcester!

Great night in support of Why Me Sherry's House! Why Me is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to providing love and support services to families with childhood cancer.

Thank you for joining us!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.47.45 PMYesterday, I ran the lake.

The Indian Lake loop has been in my repertoire since I was ten years old; I know every single inch of that route. In the early years, my mom and I would set out from our Pratt Street three-decker by bike or on foot in our matching Keds sneakers. As I got older, the clubs and teams of Forest Grove Middle School became the catalyst for all runs on my favorite route. After I left for college, I’d meet up with friends to “run the lake” whenever I came home for the holidays.

I can no longer clock the splits of my teenage track and field days, and I no longer live nor attend school by the lake, but sometimes I just can’t help taking a run down memory lane. Now, my lake loops begin and end at Worcester Fitness.

I love how a workout at Worcester Fitness never confines you to the four walls of a gym, it simply provides you with a healthy home base for all of your athletic endeavors.

sarah copyI’ve had an incredible summer of fitness, family, and fun.

I kicked things off at Gillette Stadium with the Pavement Pack, where we completed our Finish at the 50 10 k. The Patriots laid out a warm welcome complete with my jumbo-tron debut and a stellar fireworks display. (Sadly, Tom Brady was not present to carry me down the field. I’ve been meaning to speak to someone, ahem, Bob, ahem, about this…)

I spent another summer teaching swim lessons at Camp Putnam. This year was extra special because two of my cousins worked along side me as my lovely assistants. There is nothing more empowering than teaching a bunch of needy little guys a lifelong skill.

We were lucky enough to get out on the pond most weekends for some waterskiing. I’ve since learned that some of Worcester Fitness’ Finest frequent our favorite spot for fishing and kayaking. I tried not to scare all of the fish away, but I have a tendency toward spectacular falls while I’m waterskiing, so I make no promises!

When we finally sent home the last group of kids from Camp last Saturday, I drove out to Plymouth for a weekend of paddle boarding that has left my arms and abs aching. I think I even managed some paddle board yoga that would make Robin swoon!

Tonight is the Worcester Fitness 5 k. I’m dragging my little brother along for the fun…here’s hoping he can keep up!

Looking for something to listen to mid-workout? I’m pretty obsessed with the Dan Deacon remix of We Can’t Stop and the Jump Smokers remix of Come and Get It. #SongsOfSummer



bobJoin the Worcester Fitness Pavement Pack! The Pavement Pack is a series of training groups that includes coaching and guidance for running a 5k, 10k, and half marathon.  The 5k and 10k programs will be 7 weeks long each, and the half marathon program will be 13 weeks long.  The following are the goal races and program start times for the Worcester Fitness Pavement Pack:

Jay Lyons 5k, Worcester, Sunday April 28th – First group run, March 16th

Finish at the 50 10k, at Patriot Place, Wednesday July 3rd (evening start) – First Group Run May 18th

Green Stride Half, Newburyport, Sunday Oct 20th – First Group Run July 27th

The progression of race distances will allow first time half marathoners to develop a base of training during the spring and summer for a fall half marathon.  Each program will include a training guide, running program, group runs, online coaching, and Worcester Fitness Race Shirt.  Runners may participate in one or more of the training groups.

Worcester Fitness offers many multi-dimmensional training programs that can and do benefit runners of all levels. The Personal Training Team at Worcester Fitness will design the perfect fitness program for your goals.

For more information, contact Bob at bbourassa@worcesterfitness.com