Tag: Indian Lake

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.47.45 PMYesterday, I ran the lake.

The Indian Lake loop has been in my repertoire since I was ten years old; I know every single inch of that route. In the early years, my mom and I would set out from our Pratt Street three-decker by bike or on foot in our matching Keds sneakers. As I got older, the clubs and teams of Forest Grove Middle School became the catalyst for all runs on my favorite route. After I left for college, I’d meet up with friends to “run the lake” whenever I came home for the holidays.

I can no longer clock the splits of my teenage track and field days, and I no longer live nor attend school by the lake, but sometimes I just can’t help taking a run down memory lane. Now, my lake loops begin and end at Worcester Fitness.

I love how a workout at Worcester Fitness never confines you to the four walls of a gym, it simply provides you with a healthy home base for all of your athletic endeavors.