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Five Years as a Super Hero at Worcester Fitness

Five years after my very first post, not much has changed…and I like it that way. Aside from maintaining my health, here are five things that have remained the same since day one at Worcester Fitness:

5. The Cheerleaders – On Monday, I climbed out of the pool and a friendly swim dad came over to shake my hand. He thanked me for showing off my butterfly to all of the aspiring Aquagirls. If that won’t get me back to the club, I don’t know what will.
2, The ‘No cell phone signage’ featuring an uncanny flip phone silhouette  – These retro-reminders stand as a welcome invitation to unplug. Plus, we know they’d make a killing at Crompton Collective (so, we respect your decision to hang on tight.)
3. Sophia – On the off chance that you’ve tuned in for these five years, you will remember that she is my most beloved treadmill. *Admittedly, she has had some work done… 
4. Toys for Tots – This is only a microcosm of Worcester Fitness’ affinity for giving, but toss a toy on the pile and just see how it feels after a killer workout.
5. The Front Desk – I swear I’ve broken the camera every single time they’ve tried to snap my photo for the new ID system, but by gosh are they friendly. Just try to make it by that desk without smiling.