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Your Team Has Been Selected!

By Janine McCarthy
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The draft for the first Worcester Fitness Fitness Scramble was held on Thursday November 9!

Below are the teams and first (and final) round draft picks for each team.

The Scramble

Worcester Fitness Fitness Scramble puts you on an NFL team with  teammates. The season will last six weeks. Each member of the team will earn yardage through cardiovascular equipment activities right here at Worcester Fitness.

As the yards build up, so will the scores! Teams score a touchdown after 100 yards are accumulated and recorded by Fitness Scramble Ref, Janine McCarthy!
Choose your own equipment:

Bike(spin class)/treadmill/elliptical 1mile = 1yd

Stairs 50 flights = 1yd

Rower 1600m = 1yd


Group Fitness

HD = 4yds

Group classes = 3yds

Aqua/yoga/Pilates = 2yds


Want to put some points on the board early? Cash in 50 yards and pick up a three point field goal. Extra points are awarded if your teams corresponding NFL team wins their game that week.


Laura C.
Adam R.
Lindsey B.
Kelly K.
Jaime D.
George R.
Leah W.
Tracy R.

Eric S.
Jen D.
Jackie H.
Nick J.
Judith A.
Tony O.
Stephanie D.

Deb S.
Robyn P.
Steve D.
David R.
Barry B.
Dianne D.
Daniella W B.
Anthony D.

Megan B.
David F.
Doris G.
Jane R.
Jen R.
Leslie Q.
Tim O.
Jane J.

Challenge Schedule

Start Date - November 10, 2017

End Date - December 22, 2017

Prizes awarded to winning team and season's "Most Valuable Player!"

sarah copyI’m a chatter; cabs, elevators, checkout lines, and locker rooms are where I do my best work.

Yesterday, amid my Worcester Fitness locker room routine, I met a fellow club member who admitted that Worcester Fitness is not her only gym – she also belongs to one of those $20 chains with locations all over the country. You see, she travels a lot for work, and this other gym is within walking distance of her house.

She shared, “Friends sometimes ask me why I bother to keep up with my Worcester Fitness membership when my other gym is so much more convenient, and I tell them, ‘There’s just something about this place.’”

I agreed, adding that if I have to torture myself on the treadmill, I might as well do it somewhere that feels like home.

jaimeMay is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month We have teamed up with IHRSA (the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) to promote healthy living with their 10th annual Get Active America! campaign to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits in Americans. Get Active America! could not come at a better time; spring is here (hopefully to stay), and people are looking to get outside and be healthier. Here at Worcester Fitness, we will be promoting a group exercise class each week (at each location) and I challenge you to do something different.  If you take classes, take a different kind of class.  If you don’t take classes, take a class.  If you are not sure what to do to mix it up a little, schedule a fitness profile and orientation and have one of our fantastic staff tell you how to change up your routine.  I guarantee if you do something different each week this month you will feel energized, excited, and yes, probably a little sore!! If you want some advice on how to change it up, do not hesitate to contact me at jaime@worcesterfitness.com.

sarah copySo, I thought the Worcester Fitness Expo would make for a delightful date night. I read, Members bring a guest free, and I thought, my *boyfriend would just plum love that! And he would have loved it, had his findings not been so fantastically mediocre.

*I would appreciate it if, kindly, no one would mention that I’m blogging about him. He hates when I do that…almost as much as Bob Bourassa does ; )

Anyway, we were both college athletes in the not so distant past, and we both thought our blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, etc., etc. would be totally under control. I (don’t mind honking my own horn here) joined Worcester Fitness after graduating from college. He gave up exercise (albeit, as a result of his wildly demanding jobs) after college. To say that we’re competitive would be an understatement – and on October 3rd, 2012, I won the Battle of Health hands down.

The Worcester Fitness Expo did not make for the #1 date night of 2012, BUT I think it may have sparked some big changes for 2013. The boyfriend is rising at 5 a.m. to go running, and he’s packed the fridge with foreign substances like spinach and soy milk. I even caught him downloading a cholesterol-tracker app for his iPhone. He looks super, and feels great, and it’s all thanks to you, Worcester Fitness!