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Stairway to Heaven Update

By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness
The results are in for the Winter 2017 Worcester Fitness "Stairway to Heaven" Competition!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated..we were absolutely thrilled with the number of people involved for this first in a series of fresh new Worcester Fitness Fitness Challenges!

Worcester Fitness Stairway to Heaven
Grand Prize winner Jane Rabbis finished with 3,145 flights climbed!

Final Stats

1. Jane R: 3145

2. Megan B: 2420

3. Nickeisha T: 1739

4. Kelley F: 1068

5. Caitlin B: 927

6. Mike S: 780

7. Jane D: 772

8. Picky L: 595

9. Cheryl M: 515

10. Matt D: 356

11. Stephanie B: 315

12. Cynthia M: 287

13. Colleen M: 215

14. Jean C: 167

15. Cherie S: 100

16. Nick 0: 40

17. Jaime D: 36

Worcester Fitness Stairway to Heaven
Second Place Winner Megan Briggs finished up with 2,240 flights climbed!

Planting the Seed Foundation Donation

Worcester Fitness 5K raises $6,000!

Worcester Fitness 5K raises money and donations for Planting the Seed Foundation! Last Thursday night, Andrea and Kat presented the PTS board with a check for $6000!

Special thanks to our Presenting Sponsors Beechwood Hotel for their generosity and support!

If you would like to donate to Planting the Seed Foundation, please visit http://plantingtheseed.org