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Great News for Friday Night Lights Fans!

Worcester Fitness is offering FNL straight through to May 19. Here are all the upcoming FNL's classes and instructors so you can add them to your schedule!


April 7th: Zen Barre w/Mary Beth
April 14th: Hiit it Hard Bootcamp w/Denleigh
April 21st: Zen Barre w/Mary Beth
April 28th: Friday Night Yoga w/Daniella


May 5th: Zen Barre w/Mary Beth
May 12th: KettleBells w/Kait (12 member max)
May 19th: Zen Barre w/Mary Beth

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Monday 5:00-5:30

Grove Street

Ellen is a firm believer that powerful abs are a labor of patience. One can expect a slow and laborious core workout that culminates in a flourish of planks and v-ups. Do not expect a fast paced group exercise experience – Ellen’s Monday night Ab-party is intended to be a solitary journey, not for the weak of heart (or gut). Thirty minutes of Power Abs is the perfect cardio warm up; I simply couldn’t resist letting lose on my favorite treadmill after exercising such perseverence and precision in the studio. She assures me that my v-ups will blossom with time, so I promise that I will be back.