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My first ever college reunion is fast approaching. Fordham calls this five-year salute a “Jubilee,” but my college roommates have taken to referring to it as simply, “Jube” – we’re SO millennial. Not only can I expect to indulge in my fill of Rilo Kiley sing alongs, but I can also anticipate my last feasible chance of rocking stylish crop tops and high-waisted shorts at a college reunion. Normcore be-damned; let the long runs commence!

As I have mentioned in many a post, I am not akin to fasting or dieting. Moderation is my mantra, and a leek soup regimen cannot support my active appetite (ahem, I mean lifestyle…) But, my newest obsession – Ms. Mary Traina of Hello Giggles fame – reminds me that I was indeed raised on “a food pyramid that looked to be about 25% Wonder Bread.” Traina provides me with simple reminders in my own fleeting age of the crop-top. Here are a few faves:

  1. Pack lunch. Munchkins are not lunch. Think salad… “Think of salads more like that unassuming kid in your high school who ended up being really interesting once you got to know her and added shaved Parmesan and lemon vinaigrette.”
  2. Exercising is the BEST excuse to listen to guilty pleasure music (cue “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Any time of year. Trust me.)
  3. Get addicted. Workout with such consistent frequency that it becomes a piece of your daily routine (and the peace in your daily routine).

In summation – over the next month, I invite you to shame me if we should meet at a Dunkin Donuts between the hours of noon and one, BUT I forbid you from shaming me for indulging in the smut to be found on my “Jube 14” Spotify playlist. Wish me luck!