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Kid's Korner at Worcester Fitness

Did you know that Kid's Korner, Worcester Fitness' popular children's babysitting service, is FREE to members?

Free is as good as it gets price wise, but don't let the word fool you. Your children will have an amazing time with our professional Kid's Korner team in a safe and secure environment right next to our cardio center.

Not a member---Come in for a tour and see our club AND Kid's Korner for yourself! https://worcesterfitness.com/kids-korner/


Worcester Fitness 5K for Planting the Seed Foundation

Worcester Fitness Wellness Team at F&D Plastics

The Worcester Fitness Wellness Team was on the road yesterday visiting F & D Plastics in Leominster. This great local company hired Worcester Fitness to present employees with health and fitness information as well as the opportunity to have their cholesterol and blood glucose levels tested. Worcester Fitness Nurse Educator Sandy Knight, Personal Trainer Picky Lanigan and Director of Fitness Andy Sharry had a great time working with the F&D Team. Worcester Fitness can bring wellness to YOUR company too!

Contact andy@worcesterfitness.com to schedule a visit!

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TRXTREME with Emily Thursday's 6:30PM

TRXTREME with Emily Collin's is fast becoming one of the most popular High Definition classes offered at Worcester Fitness!
Thursday's • 6:30pm

Simple really...It has IT ALL!
You are getting an incredible, total body strength and conditioning workout-including cardio, using your own body weight. It's safe, it's functional, and best of all it's fun!
Check out the class for yourself! High Definition Training is only $50 a month at Worcester Fitness. That's $50 for TEN small group personal training sessions. Unbeatable!




Kelly's First Class! Saturday October 8

Worcester Fitness is proud to welcome Kelly King to our Yoga team!
Saturday October 8 • 9:30am

This Saturday October 8, our own Kelly King will be leading her first ever Worcester Fitness Yoga class at our Grove Street location.
Kelly has been part of the Worcester Fitness team for the last few years at Member Services. Last year she decided that she wanted to become a Yoga instructor after many years of practicing yoga herself and seeing the immeasurable benefits.
We are very proud to welcome Kelly to our yoga team!




Breathe! by Emily Collins

We all do this every day, all day but sometimes we need a reminder of the many benefits of deep b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g. It's like a warm-up for the respiratory system!
Breathing Drills include:
  • Supine (face-up) on the floor, with legs bent or straight
  • Supine, with hips and knees bent at 90-degrees and feet flat against the wall. (see video below)
  • Prone (face-down), a drill called "crocodile breathing"
  • In the child's pose from yoga: you're face-down, with your legs tucked
    beneath you and your chest on your thighs, arms extended, chin tucked
In Practice
"When I first asked my "Down 2 Sizes" groups to do one of these drills, they laughed at me. But after just one session, they loved how they felt! They even began showing up to workouts early so that they could do this drill.  They loved it!" Emily