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Nicole Apelian


Nicole Apelian


"Having the right mindset was my new best friend."


Nicole Apelian has been personal training with Fitness Director Andy Sharry five days each week over the last eighteen months. Nicole came to Worcester Fitness when she was at her physically weakest point, barely finished with her cancer treatments and sapped of her usual strength and energy. But, with a very strong spirit.  Nicole enjoyed her training sessions with Andy and within just a few short weeks, she was achieving monumental accomplishments.

"Nicole lifts weights, runs and jumps unlike anyone else I train." says Andy,  "Despite her petite statute, I don't train anyone who can bench press, squat or overhead press more than this 110 pound beast-combination of determination and grit."  Andy and others at Worcester Fitness are inspired by Nicole, and the manner in which she has handled her adversity.
"She just comes in with a smile, works her tail off, and does this days after day." says Andy,  "She respects her illness but also isn't defined by it, or limited in any way by it.  I really look forward to my time with Nicole."
Nicole’s story should emphasize to all of us the importance of being fully aware of your family medical history and mindful of the changes in your own body. Breast cancer has afflicted many people in Nicole’s family. She has been diligent about getting routine checkups every six-months since she turned twenty-five years old.
It was in the time between one of those biannual visits that she felt a lump in her breast and immediately scheduled to see her doctors. 
"That day in July of 2015 my whole entire world was forever changed." Nicole adds emphatically, "I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I was in the best shape of my life. Training five days a week, eating right, and  my daughter was starting kindergarten. how could this happen to me? I was feeling a million different emotions but fear wasn't one of them. Having the right mindset was my new best friend. It got me through surgery, chemo, and it got me out of bed even on my sickest days. Today I feel the best I've ever felt and with the right mindset I won't have it any other way!"
Nicole now enjoys her time with her husband Dan and daughter Samara, who is enrolled in swim lessons at Worcester Fitness and occasionally accompanies her Mom in personal training sessions with Andy.  "A  healthy lifestyle is something I want to instill in Samara so she has a love for swimming, running, playing and being active and Worcester Fitness is a place she really enjoys being."


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of our own, Meg Paradis, who was diagnosed in the Spring has undergone treatments and recently returned to teaching at Worcester Fitness. She wants to give back to the community that has supported her during the previous several months by hosting special events in October. The event will take place in the first week of October and is designed to raise fund for Dana-Farber Cancer Center and to raise awareness during BCAM.

Day 1

Day 1: Monday October 2nd Kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Week at Worcester Fitness. Representatives from DFCC and the Jimmy Fund will be in our lobby from 4pm to 7pm with vital information, prizes, giveaways and fun. There may be chair massages and other fun activities.

Worcester Fitness Weight Lifting

Day 2

Tuesday October 3rd is the "Knockout 90 for Breast Cancer" event from 6-8pm, with an informal party to follow in MacDonald's Tavern. In this event, 60 people sign up to do a 90 minute workout. Every 30 minutes each group of 20 moves from one room to the other, from SPIN to STRENGTH to CAMP. The donation is just $20 per person and spots are reserved at the front desk at Worcester Fitness. The event is open to the public, sign ups start after Labor Day for members, and sign ups for the public open Monday 9/11.

Beautiful young woman yoga workout in gym

Day 3

Saturday October 7th is Yoga for A Cause at 10am. $5 for the public, free for members but donations are encouraged and all funds sent to Dana Farber.

If you are interested in participating in the Worcester Fitness Knockout 90 program, we want to hear from you!

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