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How Yoga Can Change Your Life

By Robyn Dos Santos
If you’ve been contemplating a yoga practice, consider the following findings.  Among the myriad benefits of a regular yoga practice are:
Improved balance, strength, and flexibility
Reduction of weight and body fat
Stress reduction
Increased bone mass and bone strength
Improved cardiovascular conditioning
Prevention of injuries
Restore vitality and youthfulness
Assist in psychological well-being
Promote digestion
Aid in spiritual connectedness
Increase respiratory capacity and efficacy
Improve joint motility
This is not a complete list.  Many yoga practitioners report significant reversals in chronic conditions as well as improved function in all areas of life. Some people who found little or no relief from traditional approaches to health and healing have found that yoga offered real and lasting improvement. Additionally, the scientific and medical communities are now recognizing yoga’s unique positioning as a health and wellness prescription.  Hundreds of random controlled studies (RCT’s) have been conducted that prove yoga’s benefits. And more are being done for a variety of conditions including neurodegenerative disorders and autoimmune conditions.

How it works

Yoga treats the body and the mind as one, integrated whole.  Coming to a yoga practice to increase flexibility in your joints just might evolve into learning to breathe more completely, more effectively.  The emphasis on stretching the body during yoga relieves tension, soreness, and sluggishness. Increased flexibility brings improvements in posture and virtually all movement activities.  Holding the poses strengthens muscle, bones, and joints. 

Breathing is often a key component to practicing yoga.  Since, we are always breathing, learning to expand on the energy of the breath will improve overall health and wellness, while reducing the effects of stress.   This breath awareness, which can be done one minute at a time, can lead to a sense of stillness, of letting go to the peaceful, undisturbed part of the mind.  Yoga’s mental and psychological benefits arise from this place, of creating new ways of thinking and doing.  Over time, this process of thought renewal can assist in working towards behavior changes (changing old habits, looking at everyday situations in a more objective way).

With its’ skillful and mindful approach to delivery, yoga can be tailored to meet the needs of anyone.  Yes, anyone can practice yoga.  And they do.  Whether you are currently healthy, recovering from illness or injury, young, old, overweight or not, the components of yoga will meet you exactly where you are at this current moment in time.  In fact, that presence, and  an acceptance of the state of the body and the mind is a powerful tool of yoga.  While working with the physical poses of yoga (the asanas), all thought is on feeling the sensations within the body. This asks that the mind take time off from the regular, habitual thought patterns and allow for a sense of freedom, of openness to possibilities.  (in yoga, this is often referred to as “A beginner’s mind”, sometimes the best place to be!)

Yoga is a path, a journey.  Staying on the path, devoting some time,  and having faith can take you far.

Yoga for Mature Muscles

Andrea Shliapa

By Andrea Shliapa

As we age, our bodies become more and more used to postures and positions that may not be conducive to flexibility and pain free living.

Youth affords us all many physical benefits. One of the most important physical features of youth often taken for granted is a natural tendency to be flexible in major muscle areas. Think about how easy it was when we were younger to jump up from a chair or twist our bodies to pick something up.

As years go by, our bodies become a bit more “accepting” of the sedentary nature of our lives by adapting to hours of sitting or repetitive motion. Our muscles begin to tighten and our range of motion begins to shrink. Then one day, you find yourself in serious pain after simply reaching for a coffee cup.

There is some good news though!

The human body is always up for some change! All we have to do is commit to a well thought out and well paced transition from inflexible to flexible. Warming up muscles before stretching, making sure to change positions frequently during the day, avoiding sitting in a chair for more than an hour without standing up, etc.

Worcester Fitness is now offering a fantastic new program that will speed up your transition into a more flexible, healthier body. It’s called 3M Yoga™.

3M Yoga™ is taught by our own Denleigh Grniet who has dedicated her professional life to fitness, wellness and health. Denleigh has worked with hundreds of clients during her career concentrating on a extremely effective blend of yoga sensibilities and cardio and strength conditioning. 3M Yoga™ is something that Denleigh feels can help mature fitness enthusiasts become stronger and more flexible, even if they have NEVER taken a yoga class before.

3M Yoga™ is a gentle yoga class that will improve balance, flexibility, foot health, range of motion, mobility, mind, and overall health. You can participate in this class in either a floor or chair setting.

Remember the three “M’s” for 3M Yoga™ – Movement for the Mature Muscles. If you are older, 3M Yoga is the perfect way to get introduced to yoga!

Eight Week Series Staring October 2

Oct 2nd – Nov 20th Thursdays at 9:30am

Members: $64 Paid In Full, Drop In: $9

Non-Members: $76 Paid In Full, Drop In: $12